EFP 166: The Case For Partnerships

Justin Cooke

February 5, 2017

Joe and I have done our fair share beating up on the idea of partnerships and with good reason! Many aspiring entrepreneurs look to partnerships to bail them out of other fundamental issues with their business or just to solve a loneliness problem. (There are masterminds for that!)

That being said – there ARE good reasons to bring on a partner and we wanted to cover some of those reasons with a podcast episode!

In this episode, we’ll look at 4 distinct benefits of having a partnership and then break down 6 partnership models we’ve found that have worked out successfully. Hopefully, you’ll find one in here that will work for you. (And if it did not – we’d love to hear your story in the comments!)

We’re back to just Joe and I on the show for this one – hope you dig it!

Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • 4 Advantages To Partnerships:
  1. More Freedom To Explore Opportunities (And Be Entrepreneurial)
  2. Head-Check From Someone Who KNOWS (And Is Vested)
  3. Layaway plan for expertise to get your plan off the ground
  4. Ability to move much more quickly (especially early on)
  • 6 Partnership Models To Choose From:
  1. The Marriage Model
  2. Sweat Equity Model
  3. Hired Gun Model
  4. Investor/Operator Model
  5. Loose Connections Model
  6. The Mentor Model


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  1. Kevin Graham says:

    Really enjoyed this episode and wanted to drop in with a quick comment in support of one of the models. I’m a big fan of the marriage model and I agree with you guys in that it works well for both my partner and I as well.

    When I decided to venture out from the affiliate site business that I run with my partner to start Bulk Buy Hosting as a side project, it still formed part of our 50/50 partnership, which meant that while it took some of my time out of our other business, we both shared in the success of this new venture.

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