We Are Hiring a Customer Service Professional!

Greg Elfrink January 16, 2017


We’re hiring!

As longtime readers of our blog know, we’ve come a long way as a business. Back in 2012 we had $200k in website sales: fast-forward to the end of 2016 and we were just shy of $10 million in sales for the year. Our growth has been so fast that we landed on the Inc. 5000 list, coming in at 161. Now we are looking to grow again by expanding our team!

If you have been looking for an opportunity to get into the online world, this could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. By relocating to join our team in Southeast Asia, the successful candidate will be able to mix their working life with exploration of beautiful and exotic locales.

We are looking for a creative, hard-working customer service professional to join our fast-growing company. If we think you’re a good fit with us after a six-month apprenticeship (which functions as a probationary period), we would like to bring you on as a full-fledged team member. During the initial apprenticeship of six months, you will need to grow fast and work hard whilst having fun with us.

Not too long ago we hired two apprentices to help us with marketing, and it worked out so well that we recently hired three apprentices to join our sales team. The varied skills and the work ethic of our apprentices  just how valuable an effective team is for our company, and we realized we could improve our customer service experience even further if we brought on more apprentices.

Now we are looking for up to three customer service professionals to help strengthen further the bonds we have with our customers and help deliver an amazing experience.

These are the kinds of jobs and opportunities we wished we had had when we were starting out. You will be working hard, learning new skills, and benefiting from a supportive professional environment that encourages you to enjoy the warm cultures and beauty of Southeast Asia.

Update 2/17/17 – The deadline for applying has expired

What Is the Opportunity?

You will be based in Saigon, Vietnam and working full-time for the first year, which will include your apprenticeship/probationary period. After this, the position has the potential to become a location independent position.

Your duties will include helping our clients understand our processes better and making sure they have all the information they need to move through the various steps of a purchase or sale. You will occasionally be in phone and digital contact during unusual hours, as our clients and buyers are spread across a number of time zones.

Our clients will be interacting with you via phone, chat, email, and our Zendesk ticketing system.

You will have until February 17th to apply for this position. Please make sure you follow all of the directions in this post in submitting your application.

What’s Our Story?

We (Justin & Joe) originally moved to the Philippines way back in 2009, where we started our outsourcing company. In the year following that move, we created our first real online business — AdSense Flippers.

During our time with AdSense Flippers, we dabbled in all sorts of different products — from creating our own WordPress theme to DIY niche site services like keyword research. We even wrote a few books on how to get started building out profitable niche sites.

It was around 2013 that we decided to roll our outsourcing company into AdSense Flippers and focus on this venture full-time. Our focus shifted, and to reflect that, we rebranded the company from AdSense Flippers to Empire Flippers.

It was the start of a new era that saw explosive growth. In 2014, the brokerage did so well that we either sold off, gave away, or just stopped producing any products or services not related to buying, selling, and investing in online businesses.

Since then, we have created a market-leading brand and boast the largest team in the industry. While 2016 was a huge year for us, it is still just the start of our story — and if you’re the right fit for us, you’re invited to help us write the next part of this story.

This will be our 11th apprentice hire. Our entire team is made up of smart, location independent professionals. We believe this team has been critical to our success.

When we look back at the growth spurts our company has undergone, they have tended to occur around the times we hire and train up a new apprentice. Accordingly, we strive to create a strong team, because we have firsthand experience of what kind of growth can happen when you invest in quality team members.

If you’re wondering what it is like to work with us, check out what two of our previous apprentices have to say about working for us:

Andrew Bradshaw – Listings Manager


“Live in exotic locations? Check. Work with not only coworkers, but close friends? Check. Find yourself willingly working in your spare time because of how fun it is? Check.”

Gregory Elfrink – Content Manager


“I work from wherever I’m living, and usually that means in some insanely scenic place where people would usually only get to spend maybe two weeks out of the year when they happen to have some vacation time saved up. The people are awesome, the work is interesting, and the skills I’ve learned are invaluable.”

For more inside info, here’s a post Greg wrote about his experience as an apprentice.

What’s the Position Like?

We might be an Inc. 5000 company, but we aren’t a Fortune 500 company, which means you’re not just another cubicle-bound employee to us. You’re not just some cog in the machine. You’ll be in contact with management regularly and we want you to have a voice in making our company even better.

You will be working with our entire team on projects that can move the growth needle of our company forward.

You will be making contact with our customers via our Zendesk ticketing system, chat system, email, and phone. Since many of our customers will be based in the USA, a lot of your calls might happen early in the morning and late in the evening, leaving afternoons open for various projects and downtime.

Here are examples of tasks you might be working on day-to-day:

  1. Taking a call with a potential buyer who wants to understand more about how our process works. This may include making a deposit or beginning a migration process wherein a business is transferred.
  2. Answering emails from prospective sellers who want to ensure that their website or business will be kept private from the general public.
  3. Helping to schedule buyer/seller calls for our deal facilitators.
  4. Collecting data to help improve our overall customer service processes.

While 2016 saw large investment go into creating a marketing and sales team, in 2017 our prime focus is going to be creating the best customer service process that we possibly can.

What Skills Do You Need?

You must be personable. Not only do people need to like you, but you have to be able to wade through intense situations between clients where you can mediate between two sides of an issue. Some of these situations might be high pressure, but you will be able to handle them in such a way that our buyers and sellers walk away feeling happy with their decisions to choose us as their brokerage.

You are excited to talk to a lot of people. This position is going to require you to reach out to a multitude of people. You will have to be comfortable getting on the phone and connecting with our clients.

You want to help refine and improve Empire Flippers’ customer service. You will be creative and be able to bring different approaches and solutions to our customer service. You’re someone who does more than just clocking in. You will proactively look for ways to improve and tweak the customer service process to make our clients even happier. If everything above sounds like a perfect fit to you, then you’ll be able help strengthen the customer experience at Empire Flippers, and we are looking for you.

You’re a PRO at keeping your cool. Even when things get intense, you’re great at delivering a quality experience and diffusing the situation when and where needed. Our customers are completing five, six, and seven figure deals through our marketplace, which means you’ll need to understand the stress that our clients might be under during the process on both sides and keep things cool.

What’s the Lifestyle Like?

You will be joining us during our Saigon, Vietnam meetup where you will be introduced to the rest of the management team. Once you get here, you will be living near Justin Cooke and Andrew Bradshaw, from whom you will learn the tools of the trade.

You will have a generous base salary that will allow you to live more than comfortably in southeast Asia. Not only that, you will learn the way around town from day one. We will help make sure you are as comfortable as possible here and ready to hit the ground running by showing you the best places for food, coffee, and knocking out some work.

Your pay will start out at $2,000 per a month during the apprenticeship. While this isn’t a huge amount of money, it is more than enough to live a good lifestyle in southeast Asia. We will also be paying for any required travel around southeast Asia, which may include Empire Retreats, conferences we want you to appear at, management meetups, et cetera.

After six months, you will be introduced to our generous profit-sharing program. Our profit share is a goals-based system that our entire team shares in. If we continue our current trend throughout 2017, it is likely you might be making $40-60k a year with us. This would allow you to lead a high-quality lifestyle anywhere in Southeast Asia. (and much of the rest of the world, too!)

Love It… What’s the Catch?

This isn’t a charity or some gap year for you to take after college. You will be working your ass off while thriving professionally and being introduced to other hustling entrepreneurs. We are looking to create a permanent full-time position for you that adds value to our team.

There is going to be a lot for you to learn. You will be playing catch-up from day one, and we’ll have to get you up to speed fast.

For the first year, you’ll be in southeast Asia working pretty close with Justin and Andrew. We want you to be near us, so you can pick up the business skills needed as quickly as possible, and during those first six months you will be provided with a reasonable salary that will allow you to live a quality life out here in Southeast Asia

After the first year, your position could become a location independent position.

While we often work in relaxed spots (Saigon has an amazing coffee shop scene, rooftop bars/restaurants, etc.), it is important to know that sometimes you’ll be working a 12-hour day. You have to be willing to put in those hours when required, and put in the extra hours at the start to really learn how your position works and how the company works in general.

How Do I Apply?

Here is the sequence of events we use to hire our customer service professional:

  • Step 1: Record a Youtube video, fill out application, and submit ASAP.
  • Step 2: We review the submissions and schedule interviews over Skype.
  • Step 3: We schedule a second interview to make a final decision.
  • Step 4: We make our apprentice hire announcement (March 1st).
  • Step 5: The chosen candidate arrives in Saigon, Vietnam (April 1st).

The absolute LATEST date for you to submit your application is February 17th.

*YouTube Video Requirements:

We will only accept submissions that include a YouTube URL. Please leave the video “unlisted” in preferences and share the link with us. The quality of the video doesn’t matter, and there are no bonus points for expert editing. We just want no more than 5-7 minutes of you explaining, based on your previous experience:

  1. Why this is an excellent fit for you and us.
  2. How you will help us to improve our customer service experience.
  3. What separates you from the rest of the pack of applicants.
  4. What qualities do you think it takes to be a top-tier customer service representative.

Take the Plunge

If you’re thinking about applying but are worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) — don’t worry. You’re better than you think you are!

Update 2/17/17 – The deadline for applying has expired

We look forward to working with you soon.

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Have any questions or comments about the position? Let us know in the comments.

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Photo credit: Zimmytws


Greg Elfrink

Director of Marketing

Gregory joined Empire Flippers in April 2016 as the Content Manager. He manages the flow of content surrounding our brand – blog posts, guides, podcasts etc. – from producing the content to promoting it. His goal is to grow the reach of the company and introduce us to new audiences. Gregory was born in Anchorage, Alaska where he worked in the oil fields and now travels around Southeast Asia. He loves fiction, science and in his free time he moonlights as a novelist.

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  1. Zhy says:

    Hi. Im interested to apply as a customer service representative. Where do I need to submit an application letter?

  2. Alice says:

    A good job opportunity, professional working environment.

  3. Stephen Weiss says:

    Hello Empire Flippers Team,

    I am reaching out in regards to the Sales & Customer Services roles that were previously offered, but now closed. I came across your information through the recent Reddit AMA, and was thoroughly impressed and intrigued to say the least. After going through your material, I am disappointed to learn that the positions have now closed… Which leads me to why I am writing to you guys; do you have any open positions at this time? If not, would you consider opening an additional spot? Are you incurring a demand in which you don’t have a complete solution? I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but I am extremely confident in my ability to become a key asset to the Empire Flippers team. I am willing and ready to prove my work ethic to help build something great like the opportunity I see here. FYI, I am a recent graduate out of California, and have been working in Consulting in San Francisco for a year and a half. However, I am ready to relocate (if necessary – I was just in SE Asia) and dedicate myself to something I find as more valuable, intriguing, and beyond that of myself. I would relish the opportunity to speak with any of you on the phone and prove my worth. My USA phone number is +1(415) 342 – 9445. Or you can reach me at my personal email: stephenjosephweiss@gmail.com.

    Thank you,


    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Hey Stephen!

      Thanks for the comment and really glad you found the Reddit AMA helpful! Unfortunately, we have no open positions but this changes fairly often since we’re growing pretty rapdily. We will announce new positions via the blog, so please keep reading for when those opportunities do arise.

      SE Asia is great, if you’re ever back in the area (especially the Saigon Vietnam area where a lot of us hangout) reach out to us for sure!

  4. chris c says:

    you ever hear of a job that literally encompasses your exact skillset and personality down to a tee? this is that moment for me, thanks to reddit haha

    hopefully you guys are looking for some additional customer service reps to join your team soon, nyc molded me for this =)

  5. Casey says:

    Will you guys be hiring for this position again soon? How can I stay in touch for career opportunities akin to this one? This is my dream role!

  6. David Charles says:

    Just submitted – viva Saigon!

  7. Tanvir Hossain says:

    Just Applied, I hope I get selected. Already dreaming about it :)

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    What is the possibility that you will get in touch if I applied a week ago? Guess I am not the right fit :/

  9. Paul Christensen says:

    Too late. Bigger. Always been my dream to be a Digital Nomad.

  10. Nick Woods says:

    Oh my, just what I’m looking for but wrong time for me unfortunately. Will this opportunity become available again?

    • Greg Elfrink says:

      Keep on looking, Nick! We have grown pretty incredible the last year or so, so more positions might open up down the road.

  11. Margus says:

    Got really excited to apply for this one!

  12. Florante L Baljon says:

    This sounds interesting. But would you be comfortable to work with a transgender person?

  13. zafar sadik says:

    This is an amazing opportunity for right person to build an elite carrier. i am from Bangladesh and want to join with this team . can i do this job from Bangladesh ?

  14. Tanvir says:

    Wow this is a ggreat opportunity. I Just hope I get the opportunity. I am going to apply and hopefuly be a part of this great team.

  15. milind says:

    Wonderful opportunity to earn with passion

  16. Stephanie Poscablo says:

    I really look-up to Empire Flippers journey! I’d love to be a part of this company, so I am putting in an application. Hopefully I get considered!

  17. Nathan Blankson says:

    I nearly jumped out of my skin when came across this opportunity!!!

    Thanks guys…I just applied.

  18. Michael says:

    This is a great opportunity for the right person – Justin and Joe are the real deal – if only I had the time…..

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