Want to be part of something different?
You can when you work with us.

Want to be part of something different?
You can when you work with us.

We are looking to bring on a talented accounting professional to come onboard with our finance department to work from home in the role of Accounting Assistant.  If you have an accounting background and are interested in expanding your horizons in a unique industry, we’d like to meet you.

This is a huge opportunity for you to work with one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and learn the ins and outs of the online business world. Over the last couple of years, our company has seen explosive growth—and there is no sign of it slowing down. In order to keep hitting our goals, we need to expand our horizons and improve our customer experience to a point that makes us the de-facto standard of excellence for buying and selling online businesses. Your work will help propel the industry forward to new levels not seen before!

Our target candidate would be an accounting professional living in the Philippines, as we have a significant presence there. Compensation for this position is PHP 43k – 54k per month (equivalent to USD $800-$1000 per month) depending on experience.

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, then read on to learn more about our company and how to apply for the position!

Job Details

What’s Our Story?

Empire Flippers started in 2011. Back then, we were known as the AdSense Flippers, and we were all about building our own niche sites. We would monetize those sites via Google AdSense. Once the sites were making a little money, we would sell them on Flippa for 20x their net monthly profit.

We recorded our entire journey by blogging all about it.

It was a nice little business and soon we built quite a following of people who loved what we were up to. It got to the point where people asked us if we would use our Flippa account to sell their sites. They told us it would sell easier since we had the audience, and they would pay us a percentage of the sale.

So… we said yes.

It wasn’t long before we were selling way more of other people’s sites than our own.

We realized there was something here. Something big.

In 2012, we rebranded to Empire Flippers and became an online business brokerage in our own right. We launched our marketplace and became the “go-to” solution for people wanting to sell their online businesses.

Fast forward to today, we now have the largest brokerage team in the industry. We have staff that is siloed for each part of the selling and buying process — everyone from marketing and sales team members, to vetting and migration experts.

Now, we’re inviting you to become part of our story.

What’s the Opportunity?

Becoming an Accounting Assistant makes you a critical part of Empire Flippers and will enhance our business financials to help us make better decisions.

We’ll teach you the ins and outs of the online business brokerage industry, coming from years of experience. You’ll work on improving the customer journey, which should be flawless, pain free and easy to navigate. For many of our customers it is the first time either buying or selling an online business, which can be an incredibly anxious and confusing moment in their lives. You’ll be helping them directly by coordinating internal and external fundings inclusive of banking payouts in US and foreign currencies.

This is a full time position – our company is growing at a fast rate, which means excellent opportunities for personal and career growth.

What’s the Position Like?

While we are an Inc. 5000 company, we’re not overly corporate. You’ll work with our entire team alongside our Finance Director to make sure the job gets done. We believe in collaboration, and that means every department in our company comes together to help bring a project to fruition.

It has been an effective strategy, and has worked well for us.

Your work ethic and skill set will have a direct impact on our growth. We will offer you training, and give you insights into the online business space that no college course or certification program could ever teach you.

As the #1 curated marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable online businesses, it’s necessary to ensure that all external and internal accounting requirements are met before wire transactions take place. We have to be scrupulous with details in order to protect our buyers and sellers. This will require your methodical approach with a high degree of accuracy.

When you first come on board as an Accounting Assistant, you will start learning more about our business before jumping into the job. You will be introduced to daily accounting tasks that support our Empire Flippers team and Finance Director. You will become well versed in all of our processes, from how our deposit system works all the way up to the intricacies of handling the financial transactions and wires of a business acquisition.  Ultimately, you will help our Finance department run smoothly, ensuring transparency and efficiency in all transactions.

You might be wondering, though … what will your daily work routine really look like once you’re up and going?

Here is a list of daily tasks we’ll expect from you (though this isn’t an exhaustive list and could change):

  • Assist in the processing of balance sheets, income statements and other financial statements according to company accounting and financial guidelines.
  • Investigate and reconcile debit/credit issues and identify discrepancies.
  • Process reimbursement forms, manage credit card expenses and employee reimbursements (via BREX.com).
  • Assist Finance Director with quality assurance and/or conducting audits.
  • Update accounts receivable and issue invoices.
  • Update accounts payable and perform reconciliations.
  • Assist Finance Director in the preparation of monthly/yearly closings.
  • Assist with accounting projects or other duties as assigned.

What Skills Do I Need?

We believe in hiring people who are a good fit with us culturally. We want people who are hungry to learn, but also people that will be fun to work with. It’s important to keep in mind that we are all remote workers. This means that you would need to be comfortable working alone, while knowing you have support from coworkers who are just a Slack message or phone call away.

While cultural fit is imperative, that doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for a certain kind of skill set…

  • You must have previous remote work experience & equipment to work from home;
  • You must have a solid understanding of basic bookkeeping and accounting payable/receivable principles;
  • You must have completed at least two semesters of college accounting courses or have real world experience. ie; Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting courses, or 2+ years of solid business experience in bookkeeping or accounting;
  • Banking or financial institution experience preferred;
  • You must be trustworthy. Do we even need to mention it? It’s critical that our Accounting Assistant is ethical in all finance and accounting practices;
  • You must love numbers and have eyes like a hawk. We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating: It will be your task to make sure you understand our processes and spot any numerical discrepancies. A high degree of accuracy in quality control is key to the long-term success of our business;
  • You have experience in QB Online or a similar Accounting Software. We use QB daily and it is a required skill;
  • You have solid mastery of accounting principles with a USA-based company. This would include full understanding of Chart of Account classifications, Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, Cost of Goods Sold vs. Expenses, Journal Entry preparation and mastery of Debit and Credit reasoning;
  • You understand our equipment requirements. You will need a Mac or PC to run QuickBooks Online, as well as MS Office / Excel. Having secure internet access is a must too. You will be handling banking tasks, which means you will need encrypted wireless capability;
  • You take ownership of customer service issues. It’s important that our buyers and sellers know that we care. You will be responsible to help customers with financial questions and give priority service;
  • You have a sense of humor and solid written and verbal communication skills. To make this work, please be able to laugh and regularly communicate with your team. It is imperative that with the remote nature of this job you must have routine correspondence throughout the work day. The work is serious enough. There are days you will find it challenging and often tedious. It’s okay to want to find the meaning of life through processing seemingly meaningless transactions and balancing numbers. Self-deprecating humor is an added PLUS;
  • A background in e-commerce or online business is also helpful;
  • You are proficient with Google Suite, Slack and Zoom;
  • You love problem solving. Do you love solving logic problems, brain teasers too? Then please apply! You might just be the fit we need!

What’s the Lifestyle Like?

Our company is built on a culture of remote work, travel, and living life on your terms. Being a location-independent full-time position is one of the many benefits! And while we are a geographically distributed team, the person in this particular role would need to be USA focused, having experience with USA banking practices and accounting protocols.

This work is heavily related to time zone, dealing in USA banking hours. You would need to be awake and conducting business during Central Daylight or Mountain Standard time, working remotely alongside our Finance Director based in Colorado in MST and eventually serving as his backup person.

However, we aren’t going to chain you to a cubicle. You’ll be free to work anywhere that best adheres to our cyber security policy in providing security and access to our bank accounts.

Love It. What’s the Catch?

We love our employees and our work, but that still means you will need to perform up to our expectations. Hopefully, you will exceed those expectations and take us to new heights with the skills you bring to the table.

You will need to be someone who is ultra-flexible. Our business is truly global, and we have staff members and customers in every corner of the globe. You will need to be extremely reliable and responsible … and recognize that this is not a side gig or a gap year experience.

We’re looking for career-minded people who share our vision and see where we’re going. We want you to be part of that vision and help us get there over the long haul. We’re counting on you.

If you can see yourself growing into a profitable and meaningful career with us and love what we do, we want you to be part of our team.

Details to Keep in Mind

We’re going to start you off slow. You’ll first learn about our company and what each department does; then you will be given some low-level tasks to ease you into the position. We aren’t going to throw you to the wolves — you’ll be part of a high-functioning team that is here to help wherever we can.

Director of Finance David Goddard and HR Manager Marlene Pitocco will be reviewing every application. If we think you’re a good fit, we will reach out to you to do a video call interview. After the first interviews are done, our final candidates will be brought back for a second interview before we make our decision.

As mentioned, we are targeting the Philippines where we have a significant presence. You can expect to be earning PHP 43k – 54k per month (equivalent to USD $800-$1000 per month) depending on experience.

If this all sounds overwhelming yet exciting to you, then apply! You might be surprised how perfect you are for this role.

We have a no side project policy: we do not allow any ownership, association, or affiliations with online businesses or websites. If you are the owner of an online business, then you will be expected to either sell the business before you join us or sunset it

How Do I Apply?

Here is the sequence of events we will use when hiring our new Accounting Assistant:

You record a YouTube or Loom video link: * Upload a non-listed video of yourself explaining for no more than 3 minutes why you think you are a great fit for this position. No fancy editing or camera tricks needed, but please provide something personal so we know a bit about you. *Failure to upload a video will automatically disqualify you from the process. *

  • We review submissions and schedule first interviews in early April.
  • Second interviews will be conducted in the third week, and a final decision will be made.
  • The chosen candidate will be announced in late April.
  • The new Accounting Assistant will start working with our company on May 15, 2023.

A background check is required before employment. You may also be asked to provide a credit report.

If you’re thinking about applying, but are worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) — don’t worry. If you want to build something more than just a 9-to-5 job, then click the “apply” button below.

We’re sorry, but this position is closed and we are no longer accepting applications.

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