WES S02E07: Understanding Deal Structuring

Justin Cooke

April 26, 2016

Understanding the various ways to structure a deal can be a critical piece to actually getting the deal closed.Subscribe to our VIP LIST

While many newbie buyers can get stuck in negotiations, a pro understands how to leverage different deal structures to get the outcome they really want.

Once you get to the meat of what the seller’s really looking for out of the deal, you can structure the deal around their wants/needs and put it in terms that are to your benefit.

In this episode, Ace and I dig into the various types of deal structures, explain how they work, and look at specific examples where they might work best to get the deal done with a seller.

Some of these are well-known (i.e. Seller Financing), but when you use these deal structures in combination (A time-based earn out with in-perpetuity payments, for example) they can get quite complicated.

Our goal is to break each of the deal structures down to better help you understand how you can use them in a negotiation/offer.

For us, this is the fun stuff. Creative deal structuring and finding win-win offers is breathing life into deal deals and can make everyone a ton of money.

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Listen To The Full Interview:

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Seller Financing
  • Earn-Outs
  • Balloon Loan
  • In-perpetuity payments
  • Outside Financing
  • Seller Retained Equity
  • Investor/Sweat-Equity Partnership

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Featured On The Show:

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