How Aged Domains Can Fast-Track Your Site’s Success with Alex Drew [Ep.127]

How Aged Domains Can Fast-Track Your Site’s Success with Alex Drew [Ep.127]

Greg Elfrink May 2, 2023

Building a website off of an existing domain instead of starting from scratch gives you a valuable head start. By leveraging the domain’s existing authority and backlinks you can generate traffic and rank your site in a fraction of the time. 

But how do you track down an existing domain that is topically relevant? And how do you separate the good domains from the bad?

Alex Drew has provided aspiring website owners with the answers to these questions. Alex is the founder of Odys Global, a marketplace that offers a variety of thoroughly vetted, premium, aged domains. 

In this episode, Alex joins us to dissect the benefits of buying a domain, and the best practices to follow to ensure success. 

He breaks down the characteristics you should look for in a domain, the best ways to migrate and recreate content, and explains the dos and don’t when it comes to 301 redirects. 

He also highlights the red flags you should steer clear of, including ensuring that the domain isn’t trademarked and checking the backlink profile for spammy links. 

Building a site off of a quality aged domain isn’t the only way you can make money from domains. If you have an eye for spotting future trends, you can also invest in domain names that you think will increase in demand. According to Alex, 

“Buying domains to resell later is a viable investment strategy. Domains that were worth $50-$100 15 years ago are now worth thousands of dollars. Good domain names go up in price over time. If you spot a great domain that you can see is undervalued, that’s a huge opportunity for you to become a domain investor.”

Whether you’re looking to use a domain as a solid foundation for your new site, or invest and hold it as an asset, this episode is jam-packed with tips and tricks from Alex that will help you track down the ideal domain for your needs.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • What the Odys marketplace offers to domain buyers  (02:45)
  • The different types of domains buyers should be aware of (08:58)
  • The best way to recreate content for an aged domain (10:55)
  • The proper use of 301 redirects and how to use 301s in your growth strategy (14:14)
  • How to migrate content over to a new domain (21:21)
  • The characteristics buyers should look for in a good domain (23:12)
  • The ROI you can make on buying a premium aged domain (32:46)
  • The common mistakes people make after buying an aged domain (36:27)
  • A look into the Odys tailored domain search service (40:36)
  • Alex walks us through what the Odys domain sales process looks like (44:30)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to fast-track your SEO success by buying an existing domain!

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