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The Opportunity Ep.17 The Secret to Planning Your Most Profitable Exit

The Opportunity Ep.17: The Secret to Planning Your Most Profitable Exit

Branden Schmidt January 6, 2021

In this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Andrew Voda, the Lead Seller Advisor at Empire Flippers. Andrew guides sellers every day on how to best exit their business. He’s here to clue our listeners in on what key actions can be taken today to prep your business for its highest valuation.

Tune in as Andrew digs deep on exit planning, the preparation all sellers are able to take for free with Empire Flippers when shaping their business for an exit. Andrew shares stories of the companies who have transformed from this process and walked away with seven-figure exits and more. He lays out what mistakes to avoid when preparing for an exit, what kinds of steps to take early on, and how the right exit planning will grow your return on investment (ROI) in the digital acquisition space.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn how to create your own windfall through exit planning.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • How the marketplace has changed and impacts the sale process
  • The difference in exiting a business alone vs. using the help of a broker
  • The details of exit planning and how it’s available to everyone – even if they don’t end up selling
  • How exit planning can get you to your business goals, sooner


* A quick update: one of our chosen listings is no longer on the marketplace but don’t get too disappointed! We have another great listing that ticks some of the same boxes. Listing #49364 an eCommerce business created in January 2017 in the apparel & accessories and health & fitness niches making $134,866 on average per month in net profit.

We hope you enjoy the episode! Have interesting insights on growth opportunities in online business? Know any useful tips when it comes to growth? Either way, leave us a comment below, give us a shout on your favorite social media platform, or leave us a great review if you’re loving the show.

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