The Art of Building Profitable Content Sites in a Foreign Language with Taylor Kimball [Ep.132]

The Art of Building Profitable Content Sites in a Foreign Language with Taylor Kimball [Ep.132]

Greg Elfrink June 6, 2023

Did you know there are over 31 million active bloggers in the United States alone?

With the growing popularity of monetizing content sites, the SEO market is becoming increasingly saturated, making it harder to achieve success.

However, outside the borders of the intense competition in English language SEO, there lies a treasure trove of opportunities in foreign markets.

Enter Taylor Kimball, an SEO expert who has taken full advantage of this untapped potential. Taylor operates sites in both Thai and Portuguese – two languages that he does not speak. 

In this episode, Taylor guides us through the process of operating foreign language sites. We dive into the differences in audience behavior, the accessibility of reliable affiliate and display advertising partners, and why Taylor thinks backlinks are less important in foreign language sites.

Taylor shares the secret to successfully operating a site in a language you don’t speak: assembling a stellar team to handle site operations and content production. According to Taylor,

“In my experience, buying a foreign language site isn’t so much about the site itself, but rather the team behind it. You’ll need to find people who are fluent in that language and familiar with the culture. Foreign SEO is about partnerships with key people.”

With this team structure in place, Taylor can concentrate on creating growth strategies. Speaking of strategies, Taylor reveals that non-English SEO often lags behind the English-speaking market, presenting SEO professionals with access to competitive niches and the opportunity to implement techniques that might not be effective in the English-speaking realm.

There’s a whole world of SEO success just waiting to be tapped into! If you want to capitalize on this opportunity, then don’t miss a minute of this episode. It is jam-packed with useful tips and tricks that you can use to replicate Taylor’s success in foreign language SEO.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Taylor’s background and how he ended up in foreign SEO (02:55)
  • Why foreign SEO gives you access to often competitive niches (07:24)
  • How Taylor finds operators for his foreign language sites (09:39)
  • The differences in audience behavior on foreign language sites (13:59)
  • Affiliate opportunities and conversions on foreign vs English languages sites (17:21)
  • How Taylor uses AI to help him write his content (21:41)
  • The importance of backlinks in foreign SEO and how Taylor constructs his backlink profile (25:219)
  • Taylor’s advice to anyone starting or buying their own foreign language site (31:21)
  • How to analyze a foreign SEO site (35:49)
  • The trends Taylor sees taking place in the foreign SEO market (42:50)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to successfully operate a foreign language content site!

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