Micro-Influencers and FBA: How to Cash In on Brand Evangelists With William Gasner [Ep. 77]

Micro-Influencers and FBA: How to Cash In on Brand Evangelists With William Gasner [Ep. 77]

Sarah Nuttycombe March 1, 2022

How do you get consumers to sit up and pay attention to your brand on social media? 

You could hire an influencer to promote your product to their followers, but how do you track down the right influencer for your specific brand?

As an Amazon seller himself, this frustrating problem inspired William Gasner to co-create Stack Influence. Stack Influence is an online platform that connects Amazon FBA brands with micro-influencers. Receiving the brand’s product as payment, the micro-influencers spread the word about FBA brands through social media posts, product feedback, and video testimonials. 

William joins us to discuss the challenges Amazon sellers face when building a recognizable brand identity and the many benefits of marketing through micro-influencers. He dives into the core elements that make up a strong brand identity, and some of the common mistakes FBA sellers make when promoting their products on social media.

We also discuss the difficulties of marketing visually unappealing products, and Wiliam shares some clever tips and tricks for how to work around this problem. According to William,

“When it comes to social media marketing, I usually recommend to brands whose products aren’t the most exciting or visually appealing to get creative with adding extra value to your product. Basically, add something to your product that is universally valued and exciting to promote.”

William also sheds some light on his journey as a founder, including some of the obstacles he faced when co-creating Stack Influence and the rather unconventional method he used to raise growth capital.

If you want to learn how to light a fire under your brand’s social media presence, then you’re in the right place!

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • William sheds light on Stack Influence, and the problems it solves for FBA sellers (05:00)
  • What is a micro-influencer? (09:08)
  • The core elements of a strong brand identity(12:18)
  • Why a micro-influencer strategy can be effective for businesses of all sizes (15:27)
  • How to create a winning social media strategy for a visually unappealing product (18:40)
  • The common mistakes sellers make when marketing on social media (21:59)
  • Why a micro-influencer strategy is a great solution on all ecommerce platforms (24:55)
  • How the growing social commerce trend has affected social media marketing (27:09)
  • The obstacles William faced in getting Stack Influence off the ground (29:43)
  • How William raised growth capital through Clubhouse (30:58)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to spread the word about your FBA brand through the power of micro-influencers!

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