EFP 155: Greg Mercer: From Amazon FBA To Jungle Scout

Justin Cooke

May 20, 2016

Greg Mercer is well-known for being the founder of the company Jungle Scout, but he started off like many others building his Amazon FBA empire.

From a Humble Listing on Amazon to a 7 Figure Software Company

In this episode, I really wanted to cover 3 topics with him:

  1. How he got his start with Amazon FBA
  2. What he would do differently if starting off now
  3. How he built a 7-figure software company in Jungle Flippers

Greg delivers the goods in a very transparent interview, sharing numbers and the specific criteria he’s used to build his FBA empire.

Whether you’re involved with FBA (maybe considering it) or trying to build your own SaaS company, I think you’ll enjoy this episode with the Jungle Scout founder.

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Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Where You’re At Today?
  • Your History – How You Got There
  • For Someone Getting Started With Amazon FBA Today?
  • Building A Software Company


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  1. Jamie Clarke says:

    I’ve actually been building Amazon affiliate sites for a while. Picked up Amasuite for that reason but now the software is also optimized for Amazon Sellers now, is it worth picking up Jungle Scout still?

    Or would I be better off just switching out my most popular affiliate listing to private label?

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