Opinions, Options, and Outcomes: Using Customer Feedback to Fuel Growth with John Li [Ep.152]

Opinions, Options, and Outcomes: Using Customer Feedback to Fuel Growth with John Li [Ep.152]

Greg Elfrink February 6, 2024

The customer is always right.

If this is true, then understanding consumer’s opinions and preferences is the secret sauce to success.

But how do you ask the right questions to the right people in order to gather this feedback?

That’s where John Li comes in. John and his co-founder Justin were scratching their heads over this very question while trying to get feedback for their own business.

Being savvy software developers, they created PickFu – a market research and consumer feedback platform that allows businesses to gather in-depth feedback from real people in minutes.

In this episode, John joins us to discuss how conducting meaningful consumer feedback can drastically improve your business.

He explains that it is never too early to start communicating with your audience. 

Gathering feedback can help you pre-validate your products before they’ve even launched by testing logos, packaging, mottos, etc. This can be the difference between a lukewarm introduction to the market, and a rocket-fueled burst onto the scene. 

In fact, John helped a business 10x their profits by doing just this.

But collecting feedback isn’t all you should be doing. According to John,

“It’s so important to connect with and listen to your audience. Run surveys, bounce ideas, have conversations, etc. But it’s also important to do market research. There might be a whole different set of people that you aren’t targeting that could open up an entirely new area of the market for you. So it’s important to get feedback from both sides.”

Of course, there’s an art to asking for feedback. John explains which types of questions you should ask, the different types of experiments you can conduct, and the ideal audience size for collecting usable feedback.

You don’t have to fly blind. This episode will light the way and teach you how to use feedback to fuel your business growth.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • John’s background and the origins of PickFu (02:20)
  • The importance of market research and collecting consumer feedback (06:03)
  • How often should you be doing market research? (10:31)
  • The different types of consumer research experiments you can run on PickFu (15:54)
  • How to encourage feedback and gather the best feedback from consumers (18:05)
  • The most common myths about consumer feedback (25:28)
  • The ideal audience size for meaningful consumer feedback (27:34)
  • Managing negative feedback from consumers (30:23)
  • How consumer feedback can save a business from failure (35:18)
  • John’s goals for PickFu moving forward (37:44)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to gather consumer feedback that will elevate your business to new heights.

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