Growing a SaaS Acquisition to 4X Revenue in One Year with Mike Swigunski [Ep.154]

Growing a SaaS Acquisition to 4X Revenue in One Year with Mike Swigunski [Ep.154]

Greg Elfrink April 9, 2024

Why start from scratch when you can leverage an existing business’s traction and capitalize on its untapped potential?

That is the power of entrepreneurship through acquisition. 

Mike Swigunski, a skilled entrepreneur and globe-trotting author, discovered this for himself while building his portfolio of profitable online businesses.

In this episode, he walks us through one of his most profitable acquisitions, a SaaS business that he grew to 4x in revenue in just a year.

Mike walks us through the acquisition from start to finish, from uncovering the business’s rare potential to the creative deal structure he negotiated and seizing low-hanging fruits for post-acquisition growth.

Mike also shares his expert insights into the online business industry, including the lucrative gap in the market he spotted when it comes to acquisitions. According to Mike,

“The 500K – 750K range of online businesses seems to be like no man’s land. It’s often too big for solopreneurs, and too small for portfolio buyers. It’s a sweet spot that can offer buyers a bit of strategic leverage to negotiate a good deal. Sellers are often more motivated and more open to seller financing and creative deal structures.”

Mike’s firsthand experience and expert knowledge offer a roadmap to successfully acquiring and scaling online businesses. Don’t miss a minute of this insightful episode!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Mike shares his background and his entrepreneurial journey (02:17)
  • A look at of one Mike’s most successful acquisitions – a $500K SaaS business (07:47)
  • The creative deal structure that Mike negotiated (13:57)
  • The dynamics of buying a business in partnership with another entrepreneur (16:36)
  • Finding the right developer to work on a new SaaS acquisition (18:22)
  • Mike’s unique due diligence process for this acquisition (24:42)
  • How Mike 4x’d his revenue by capitalizing on low-hanging fruit post-acquisition (26:59)
  • Mike’s growth strategies and future goals for his SaaS acquisition (37:57)
  • An overview of Mike’s business portfolio (45:52)
  • Mike’s productivity tips for digital entrepreneurs (51:06)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and get the inside scoop on how to source and scale a SaaS acquisition!

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