Building the Fastest Growing Marketing Agency in the US with Erik Huberman [Ep.155]

Building the Fastest Growing Marketing Agency in the US with Erik Huberman [Ep.155]

Greg Elfrink April 30, 2024

There are roughly 88,000 digital marketing agencies in the US and Hawke Media is the fastest-growing amongst them.

What is the secret sauce to this kind of growth?

Well, according to Erik Huberman, Hawke’s founder and CEO, it all boils down to working harder than everyone else and actually delivering on your promises.

In this episode, Erik walks us through the origin story of Hawke Media, from its almost accidental beginnings, to how he scaled the business to its current value of over $150 million.

He reveals the challenges he faced while growing the business, how he sustains Hawke’s rapid growth, and how he motivates his team to keep innovating. According to Erik,

Most people won’t push themselves to the limit versus getting pushed. That’s why every major athlete wants a coach and trainer. It’s not like Kobe didn’t know how to do a workout. But having that outside push and that outside perspective is really helpful. And as the owner of the business, that extra push has to come from you.”

Erik also sheds light on one of his key growth strategies; acquiring other agencies. He explains the benefits of this strategy, and how he integrates those agencies and their owners into Hawke’s existing ecosystem.

If you’re looking for first-hand knowledge on how to scale an agency to a 9-figure valuation, then look no further.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Erik’s background and what led him to create Hawke Media (02:05)
  • What Erik did to help Hawke Media become the fastest-growing consultancy (10:02)
  • How Erik sustains his agency’s rapid growth (14:30)
  • The biggest challenges Erik faced when growing Hawke Media (16:23)
  • Why Erik started acquiring other agencies (20:11)
  • There’s always a deal to be made (27:46)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn what it takes to scale your digital agency to the moon.

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