Everything You Need to Know About Building Authority Sites With Ricky Kesler [Ep.111]

Everything You Need to Know About Building Authority Sites With Ricky Kesler [Ep.111]

Greg Elfrink November 29, 2022

Creating a website that generates a steady stream of revenue is goal number one for the majority of site owners. 

The challenge is leveling your site up further, to where the money you make from your site can replace your main source of income. 

Teaching people to do exactly that is Ricky Kesler’s passion. Ricky is the co-founder of Income School, an educational platform that teaches website owners how to build profitable blogs and YouTube channels that provide a reliable source of income. 

In this episode, Ricky joins us to discuss why focusing on building authority is the best way to create a profit-generating website. Building authority not only helps your site rank better on Google but also makes accumulating backlinks that much easier. 

“Five or six years ago, just writing good content was enough. But now, in addition to good content, it’s grown more and more important to have authority of some kind.” 

According to Ricky, there are two main areas to focus on when building authority, topical authority and industry authority. You can build topical authority through a depth of content. Instead of focusing on surface-level topics in your niche, pick 1-3 niched-down categories that you can dive deeper into. Writing an extensive amount of content will help you become an authority in these subcategories before expanding into the wider niche. 

Second, build authority and renown in your industry by writing guest posts, or even better, appearing on relevant podcasts. This will help you become a known name in your niche and, as an added bonus, will help you build relevant backlinks to your site. 

Ricky also walks us through the key building blocks you should put in place when starting a site from scratch, how to leverage YouTube to grow your audience, and he shares several powerful growth strategies you can use to level up your site.

This episode has all the information you need to grow your website from a side hustle to a money-making machine!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Ricky’s background and the origins of Income School (02:57)
  • How Ricky goes about building authority for his sites (06:34)
  • The key building blocks needed to create an authoritative site (12:31)
  • Additional growth strategies you can use to build your site (17:31)
  • The optimum number of websites to have in your portfolio (21:44)
  • The criteria you should look for when buying websites (24:43)
  • How Ricky knew it was time to sell some of his sites (28:46)
  • SEO myths and misconceptions that you should avoid (32:40)
  • How to use YouTube to build an audience (37:55)
  • Ricky breaks down the ins and outs of his Project 24 course (43:44)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to build an income-generating website by growing your site’s authority.

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