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How to Fund a Business Acquisition Without Risking Your Assets With Ignacio Villanueva [Ep.113]

How to Fund a Business Acquisition Without Risking Your Assets With Ignacio Villanueva [Ep.113]

Greg Elfrink December 13, 2022

Loans can sometimes get a bad rap, but they can be a powerful tool when it comes to funding business acquisitions.

The key is finding the right type of loan to suit your specific needs and risk appetite. 

Given the volatility of online business, many entrepreneurs are hesitant to use their house or other valuable assets as collateral when applying for funding. 

Having recognized the need for a more flexible type of funding, Boopos offers aspiring business owners access to revenue-based financing. 

Revenue-based financing requires no collateral, and the repayments fluctuate according to the revenue your business generates. This greatly reduces the risk of defaulting on your repayments. 

In this episode, Ignacio Villanueva, the Head of Partnerships at Boopos, joins us to dissect revenue-based financing and explains the advantages of using funding when acquiring an online business. 

Revenue-based financing is much faster than traditional funding options. Boopos loans take 48 hours to be pre-approved, and only seven days to close the transaction. This means you’re less likely to lose out on a great acquisition while you wait for your funding to come through. 

To make acquiring business using funding even speedier, many of the listings on our marketplace have been pre-approved for financing by Boopos. Keep an eye out for businesses marked with the ‘financing approved’ badge!

If you want to know more about how to increase your business acquisition spending power through revenue-based financing, then listen in to this enlightening episode!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Ignacio reveals his background and explains the service that Boopos offers (03:47)
  • What is revenue-based financing? (06:30)
  • The advantages of using Boopos over SBA or traditional funding (13:10)
  • The criteria Boopos look for when pre-approving a business for financing (19:01)
  • A breakdown of Boopos lending rates (23:28)
  • The repayment times for Boopos loans (25:38)
  • The types of business models that Boopos offers financing for (27:12)
  • The advantages of using a loan to fund a business acquisition (35:37)
  • Real-life examples of successful Boopos funding stories (48:57)
  • Red flags to look out for when financing a business acquisition (52:45)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and discover the benefits of using revenue-based financing to help you fund your business acquisitions!

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