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Gina Edwards's most recent posts

Why Good Branding Is Important

Published by May 31, 2018

From coffee to shoes, we all have brands that we know, and more importantly, that we trust. Good branding makes the difference between businesses with staying power and those that fall off the radar. Taking the time to develop a cohesive brand identity is crucial for business owners at any stage of the game.

The Two Pillars of SEO Outsourcing

Published by May 24, 2018

When it comes to SEO outsourcing, two of the biggest elements online businesses want help with are content and link-building. With the help of agencies trained in both, you can more easily delegate SEO to the pros, allowing you to focus time and money on the more crucial aspects of your business.

How to Create a Call to Action that Really Works

Published by May 3, 2018

A “call to action” is an incredibly important element in driving sales for your business. Written well, it can make the difference between a mildly interested observer and a paying client. In this piece, we'll explore the elements of a call to action that can lead to increased conversions.

9 Effective Ways to Do Content Syndication for Your Website

Published by April 19, 2018

There are many ways to expand your site’s reach, from guest posting to building social media buzz, but one method often overlooked is content syndication, or republishing articles on third-party sites. Here we will walk through nine ways to do it right to maximize your gains and minimize your shortcomings.

Is Marketing to Millennials Really Different?

Published by April 5, 2018

Every industry seems to be perplexed by marketing to millennials. In this article, we offer a better understanding of this generation’s value system as a step toward gaining an “in” to the millennial world and figuring out how to speak to them so they’ll listen.

How to Create Effective Facebook Video Ads

Published by March 29, 2018

For online entrepreneurs, the allure –– and potential profit –– from Facebook video ads has become too big to ignore. Here we have a few tips to get you started down the road of Facebook video ads, and some elements and ways you can make sure that your videos drive tangible results