Using Community to Help Scale Your Amazon FBA Business - Opportunity Podcast ep43

Using Community to Help Scale Your Amazon FBA Business [EP. 43]

Branden Schmidt July 7, 2021

On this episode of The Opportunity Podcast, we will be speaking with Athena Severi, the co-founder of Titan Network, a community mastermind group that helps to educate on and facilitate growth within Amazon businesses. Athena explains why finding community can be a game-changer when running an FBA business and how you can grow your business by leveraging your network and the knowledge of others.

Athena explains how she went from working for a consulting agency before shifting into the growing world of selling physical products with Amazon FBA. Starting out as a new seller, she found helping her community learn this business model was her love. Already having a passion for community building, Athena was able to help build the Titan network with her partner, establishing a platform for other FBA sellers to help one another and build lasting relationships. In this episode we dig into why building a community is important to grow your FBA business, and the biggest mistakes that most first-time sellers make when starting out. Entrepreneurship can be lonely, and we explore how to build connections that help eliminate isolation and grow your business at the same time.

Sit back, grab a coffee, and get ready to learn why building a community can help you succeed as an Amazon FBA seller.

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • How to locate resources to help you build your FBA brand
  • Why community is important to help you overcome the challenges many first-time sellers face
  • When to outsource your operations based on the skillsets you have
  • How to optimize your logistics and operations so you can launch more products


We hope you enjoy the episode! Have interesting insights on growth opportunities in online business? Know any useful tips when it comes to growth? Either way, leave us a comment below, give us a shout on your favorite social media platform, or leave us a great review if you’re loving the show.

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