Reinventing Digital Real Estate: A Fresh Take on Rank and Rent with Nick Wood [Ep.115]

Reinventing Digital Real Estate: A Fresh Take on Rank and Rent with Nick Wood [Ep.115]

Greg Elfrink December 27, 2022

Rank and Rent is a great business model for earning a passive income online. The only downside is you have to wait for your sites to rank before you can rent them out.

Unsatisfied with this approach, Nick Wood decided to turn Rank and Rent on its head. 

He builds a landing page and uses ad campaigns to drive traffic to the site. The ads help to generate a handful of leads in a fraction of the time, allowing Nick to rent the site out almost immediately. Only once he’s secured a rental client does Nick then focus on ranking the site.

This rent-first, rank-later strategy has helped Nick reach over $100,000 in monthly revenue!

In this episode, Nick joins us to discuss what inspired him to reinvent the Rank and Rent business model and the secret sauce behind his success. He believes too many entrepreneurs waste time perfecting their websites instead of generating an income as soon as possible. According to Nick,

“It’s about moving fast and getting stuff done. The money’s not in perfection, the money is in action.”

Nick breaks down how he finds the right clients for his sites, walks us through his sales pitch, and explains how to overcome the objections a client might throw his way. 

We dig into the nitty-gritty details of how to factor ad spend into your rental charges, as well as how to calculate your expected site traffic volume, and obtain a Google Business Profile without the usual hassle. 

If you’re looking for a way to generate the passive income of a Rank and Rent site without the wait time, then look no further. This episode is jam-packed with all the tips and tricks you need to get started on your Rent, then Rank business journey!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • A brief description of Rank and Rent (04:50)
  • How Nick developed his “rent first, rank later” strategy (08:14)
  • The golden ratio between ad spend CPC and rental charges(15:22)
  • The rank and rent business model is undervalued (19:14)
  • Nick’s process for obtaining a Google Business Profile (24:58) 
  • How to calculate your expected site traffic volume (31:11)
  • A breakdown of how Nick sources and signs new clients (34:20)
  • Why picking the right city and niche is the key to success (42:42)
  • How to overcome objections when pitching rent and rank sites (51:40)
  • The structure of Nick’s team and Nick’s role in the business (58:34)
  • How Nick plans to scale his business to $1 million per month (1:00:28)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to rent out your lead-generating websites before they rank!

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