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Rank and Rent: How to Build a Passive 6-Figure Monthly Income With Luke Van Der Veer [Ep.110]

Rank and Rent: How to Build a Passive 6-Figure Monthly Income With Luke Van Der Veer [Ep.110]

Greg Elfrink November 22, 2022

Building and maintaining a handful of websites is enough to keep most SEOs extremely busy. But is there a way to build a large portfolio of sites that can generate a passive monthly income? 

As Luke Luke Van Der Veer discovered, this can be achieved using the rank and rent business model. 

Luke builds high-ranking, lead-generating websites that target profitable niches. He then rents these sites to business owners who can take advantage of the leads. After investing a few hours into building and ranking the sites, the majority of Luke’s work is done. He can then sit back and enjoy the recurring rental income that the sites bring in. 

In this episode, Luke sits down with us to discuss the rent and rank business model in detail. He walks us through how he scaled his business to include 100+ rank and rent sites, how he outsources work, and the fee structure he used to get to a 6-figure monthly income. 

For those who are just starting out in rank and rent, Luke breaks down how to source clients for your sites, which niches can be money pits, and the mindset entrepreneurs need to adopt to make a success of this business model. 

Luke also sheds light on the strategies he uses to get his sites to rank, including using Google My Business, the ins and outs of citations, and how to use blog comments and PBNs to build up his sites’ backlink profiles. 

If you are skilled in SEO but don’t have the time or resources to maintain a traditional content site, then rank and rent may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Grab your notebook and pick up invaluable tips and tricks from the industry leader in rank and rent websites!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Luke’s background and how he ended up in the online business world (03:30)
  • A breakdown of how the rent and rank business model works (06:50)
  • How Luke goes about finding clients to rent his sites (12:40)
  • Why Luke prefers to work within the home services niche (15:55)
  • The common mistakes people make with rank and rent (17:25)
  • The benefits of ranking on Google My Business (20:06)
  • Why you should wait until your address is verified before doing citations (28:22)
  • How Luke uses blog comments and PBNs as a backlink strategy (30:25)
  • How Luke structures the fees for his services (35:26)
  • Examining the earning potential of rank and rent (39:35)
  • Why Luke is diversifying his business with brick-and-mortar real estate (45:15)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to build a passive income using the rank and rent strategy!

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