EFP 163: How Minaal Leveraged Kickstarter To Become A Lifestyle Brand

Justin Cooke

October 27, 2016

Anyone looking to launch a successful product brand would LOVE to start it off with a successful Kickstarter project. Successful kickstarter sales are a true test of interests, a great way to fund a nice initial purchase order, and can be a platform to launch a successful, long-term business.

That’s exactly what our buddies over at Minaal found out when they BREEZED past their minimums in their Kickstarter launch.

In this episode I sit down with Doug from Minaal to talk about that successful kickstarter, but mainly to ask him what happens…after. Great, you’ve launched a product people seem to initially love…but how do you turn that into a real business?

I ask Doug to take me through the steps from a launching a successful kickstarter to building a long-term company and brand that your customers love and he definitely delivers!

Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • The Kickstarter Story
  • Turning Successful Kickstarter Into A Brand
  • The Long-Term Play (Building the Business)


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“I think naturally if you’ve listen to enough feedback people are pretty excited about what you’re producing” – Doug – Tweet This!

“Getting your soon-to-be customers as super fans before they’ve even purchased can be a winner.” – Justin – Tweet This!

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