EFP 103: Is Building Your Business in Southeast Asia a Liability?

Justin Cooke

July 24, 2014

Building a business in Southeast Asia can be scary. There are some inherent trust issues when first-world countries hear about doing business with third-world countries. Even though there are tons of upsides, you’ve got to be aware of the potential downsides and how to overcome them.

Is Building a Business in Southeast Asia a Good Thing?

Today, Joe and I get into some of the liabilities that come with building your business and team abroad and some of the ways to mitigate them.

Don’t let the setbacks scare you completely from building a business out here but be sure you’re aware of the potential issues so they don’t surprise you once you’ve started.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • How to OWN the fact that you’re overseas.
  • Accountability and trust issues overseas and back home.
  • Making connections despite poor proximity to your home country.
  • Overcoming communication issues and timezone differences.
  • Undervaluing your time and aiming too low.
  • The dangers of distractions (balancing the amazing with routines.)


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“Making yourself available adds a huge trust factor that will help you close deals.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“You can use your additional free time to work on the really hard problems in your niche/industry.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“So many people undervalue their time. They’re not realizing what they’re worth and charging correctly for it.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“Set a schedule for your routine. It helps you get a lot more work done and you value your free time more.” – Joe – Tweet This!

What are your thoughts on building a business in SEAsia? Do the upsides and workarounds far outweigh the downsides for you? Leave a message on SpeakPipe or join us in the comments below.

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  1. This is interesting. With our call center, we essentially have two brands. One for getting new business in the US where we do not promote that we are in Asia and another for hiring new agents and for our operations here in the Philippines.

    • I see why you do it, but maintaining two brands long terms is a pain. I think it’s best to have one marketing strategy and let products naturally feed off the promotion from each other within the brand.

  2. GREAT one guys, digging the “Empire Podcast” :) with the Featured listing, the new intro, keep it up boys

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