EFP 151: Funding Website Purchases With Lendvo

Justin Cooke

February 11, 2016

What if you could avoid the banks and get lightning-quick financing to help you make your next website purchase?

That’s exactly what the guys over at Lendvo.com are offering Empire Flippers listeners and I think you’re going to really dig this episode.

The Nuts and Bolts of Financing Online Businesses

I had a TON of questions for them about the nuts and bolts in their financing deals, but I first wanted to hear a bit more about their entrepreneurial story. I love how these guys got started and it really helped to explain where they’re coming from in terms of growing the business.

In this episode, we’ll cover who this financing is for (and who it’s not), the checks they make to ensure their loan is sound, and the types of deals they’re looking to fund.

If you’re a website buyer looking to scale up or reach for slightly larger sites, this episode is definitely for you!

Want to find a website you can finance? We have more than 40 deals available on the Empire Marketplace right now!

Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Entrepreneurial story behind Lendvo.com
  • How exactly they offer to finance your next website acquisition


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“If you’re asking for money, ask for advice. If you’re asking for advice, ask them for money.” – Patrick – Tweet This!

Are you looking for financing on your next deal? Think Lendvo could help you out on your next purchase? If you have any questions from the guys they’ll be happy to respond in the comments!

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