EFP 91: From The LAPD To A Multi-Million Dollar Empire (With Tim Bourquin)

Justin Cooke

April 24, 2014

Tim Bourquin from AfterOffers.comHow did a cop with the LAPD end up building an empire and selling multiples businesses for millions of dollars? You’re going to like this week’s episode…

Introducing Tim Bourquin of After Offers

This week we have Tim Bourquin on our podcast. Tim is the co-founder of AfterOffers.com, a platform that allows visitors to subscribe to your email list shortly after subscribing to another website in the same industry as you. He’s launched and sold several other online startups and also failed on a few. His story on how he got there is incredibly interesting.

Today, Tim and I talk about his days as a police officer before he became an entrepreneur, how he started making $1,000 every day from an “eBook” back in 1996/97, his multi-million dollar exit, and several other exciting stories. We’ll even talk about some of his failures and what he’s up to lately.

If you want to be inspired and walk away with practical business advice from someone who has seen it all then this is a great episode for you.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • How Tim made $1K per day from his “eBook” in 1996/97 and made a multi-million dollar business out of it.
  • The progression from a few people meeting every weekend to a 2,600-person trade show.
  • Tim’s multi-million dollar exits and his $150K loss on an idea.
  • How do you know when it’s time to sell and how long does it take to know if your idea is a winner/loser?
  • The backstory on Tim’s latest project, AfterOffers.



  • “The earlier you monetize the more you set your tone that your content is valuable and is worth something.” – Tim Bourquin – Tweet This!

What do you think of Tim’s stories? Do you have any questions for him? Share them with us on SpeakPipe or comment below and we’ll make sure you get answered by Tim himself!

Photo Credit: @LAPDLambo on Instagram

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  1. Great show guys thanks for the mention. I loved Tim’s story. I laughed listening to you talk about working on Saturday night Justin. There’s a cigar bar in downtown SD and sometimes I like to go down there on Friday or Saturday night when everyone else is drinking and smoking and just JAM! Gets me super psyched.

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Yeah, man – LOVING the content you’re putting out on the blog recently – really speaks to me.

      There’s a bar here in Davao called Business Class that I’ve been working at recently…knocking out work while everyone else is chatting and relaxing. I’ll normally join them later in the night, though. :-)

  2. Awesome interview guys, and I REALLY appreciate the mention. :) Keep it up, loving these interviews.

    – Eric

  3. Karl says:

    Great episode with a lot of golden information!

    Loved how the principle of how you think about how others aren’t willing to put that work in, that you might be doing on a Friday night or Monday morning. A tactic that really helps me push myself sometimes.

    Tim is awesome, if you’re reading this, you can expect a call from me soon! :D

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Thanks, Karl!

      Yeah, man…I get giddy thinking about how we’re going to “crush” the competition because we’re willing to do what they won’t, hehe.

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