EFP 85: Selling Our Six-Figure Outsourcing Company

Justin Cooke

March 6, 2014

Selling Our Six-Figure Outsourcing Company

We finally pulled the trigger and listed our outsourcing company for sale. It wasn’t an easy decision, but deciding to focus on Empire Flippers means we had to make some sacrifices.

The Details of Our Outsourcing Company We’re Selling

Today, Joe and I share some details on the outsourcing company that we’re selling and break down what potential buyers need to know. We also talk a bit about our new Partner Program where you can make money by referring customers to us.

If you enjoy this episode’s template then please let us know. We’re considering using it for future interviews with website sellers.

Check Out This Week’s Episode Here:

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Topics Discussed This Week Include:

  • Our Partner Program setup and the potential for our fans to make money helping us.
  • The breakdown of the benefits of owning our outsourcing company.
  • Brief history of our company and how we got into outsourcing.
  • Details on our company’s revenue, expenses, net profit, etc.
  • The opportunities the new buyer has for expanding our business.



  • “When you’re selling a site or business, you have to expose a lot of info during the due diligence phase.” -Joe – Tweet This!

Do you have any questions about our outsourcing company? Leave us a SpeakPipe message or comment below!

Photo Credit: Hugh Lunnon – Flickr

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