A Blue Ocean Opportunity: How to Cash In on an Investment Revolution with Kyle Kuderewski [Ep.134]

A Blue Ocean Opportunity: How to Cash In on an Investment Revolution with Kyle Kuderewski [Ep.134]

Greg Elfrink June 20, 2023

The early bird catches the worm. 

This is particularly true when it comes to investing. Early adopters often reap the biggest rewards.

But if spotting a good investment before the business really takes off was that easy, everyone would do it. 

You need to find a business with a first-mover advantage. One that operates in a blue ocean. A business that has already established proof of concept in the short time they’ve been operational.

A business like WebStreet. 

In this week’s episode, we are joined by Kyle Kuderewski, the Operations Manager at WebStreet.

Kyle joins us to discuss Webstreet’s exciting new investment opportunity – the chance to invest directly into WebStreet itself and become an early adopter of a business at the forefront of an investing revolution. 

Kyle breaks down the need-to-know terms of the investment, the benefits that investors can expect to receive, and how this opportunity differs from WebStreet’s normal investment rounds. According to Kyle,

“The big difference between this and investing in a normal round is it’s a growth play versus an income play.
With the normal rounds, you receive income through quarterly cash distributions. With this new investment, you actually own an equity stake in Web Street as a company and benefit from the growth of the business.
If you think about it,  you’re owning a piece of all those other businesses we’re investing in”

Kyle goes on to explain how WebStreet plans to spend the growth capital raised (growing their audience and adding all the bells and whistles to their platform). He also announces the introduction of WebStreet’s WeFunder campaign, an investment opportunity that allows non-accredited investors to get in on the action.

If you want to be an early adopter instead of a bystander, listen to this episode to learn how you can take advantage of this rare investment opportunity!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • An update on WebStreet’s progress since separating from Empire Flippers (03:34)
  • The exciting new investment opportunities available through WebStreet (07:39)
  • How WebStreet plans to use the growth capital raised (10:38)
  • The investment terms for WebStreet’s direct investment round (11:36)
  • A closer look at how WebStreet’s funds are operated (17:54)
  • What a liquidity event would look like for one of the investment funds (25:43)
  • WebStreet’s WeFunder campaign- a non-accredited investor crowdfunding option (30:42)
  • The types of people who are investing in WebStreet and its funds (33:07)
  • The ripple effects that fractional investments may have on the industry (38:43)
  • Trends Kyle has spotted in different monetizations throughout the industry (44:45)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how you can own a piece of the upcoming investing revolution!

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