Thank you for submitting your business for sale with us!

Here’s what’s next…

You’ve now submitted all initial information required to start the vetting process and to get your business listed and sold on the Empire Marketplace.

We’ll be reviewing everything and following up with you regarding any additional information we need.

Once we’ve got everything we need, your listing will go through final approval and will be listed for sale on our marketplace.

The Listing Process

Step 1: Submit your info to our vetting team (you’ve already done this!)
Step 2: Follow up with any additional requests for info
Step 3: Pass the vetting process (We look at things like traffic, earnings, etc.)
Step 4: Approve final listing details
Step 5: Review your listing on the Empire Marketplace

Expect the entire process from submission to listing to take between 1-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of your business and the information submitted.

Once you’re listed, we’ll be weeding through interested buyers and depositors on your behalf, sending you only the qualified and interested buyers and any specific questions they have regarding your business for sale.

The 5 Step Process for Selling with Empire Flippers

Seller Resources

While you’re waiting for your business to get final approval, here are some additional seller resources we thought you’d like:

Seller FAQ – We’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that will guide you through the process of listing on the Empire Marketplace.

Seller Articles

How to Build Credibility as a Seller – Blog post on creating credibility for your sale and making your listing as attractive as possible to buyers.

What A Lot of Sellers Get Wrong About Selling (And What to do About It) – Common mistakes most sellers make and how you can avoid them.

Seller Podcasts

EFP 88: Improving the Sellability Of Your Online Business in 2014 – Podcast episode on how you can improve your odds of a successful sale.

EFP 82: Website Valuations and a 7-Figure Sale (With Drew Sanocki) – Drew Sanocki joins us on the podcast to talk about how he values websites and discusses his recent 7-figure sale.

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