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EFP 209: How To Buy For Value In 2020

Justin Cooke October 29, 2020

Who doesn’t love a great deal?

For online businesses, a great deal doesn’t always mean buying at the lowest price.

In this episode, Joe and I talk about what a great deal looks like when you’re shopping for a digital asset in 2020.

We’ll cover what value looks like and discuss some of the practical things to look out for when you’re doing your due diligence, like how many hours you actually need to manage a business, and why you shouldn’t go into an uncomfortable niche even if it has loads of potential.

Our featured listing in this episode is for an Amazon FBA business that ticks a lot of these boxes for value. It’s not a business we normally list on our marketplace, but there’s a lot of opportunity for the right buyer – it’s well-balanced, has multi-channel revenue, and could be a great deal for you.

Alright, let’s dig in…

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • High Working Hours Required
  • Specific/Technical Skills Required
  • Uncomfortable Niches
  • Valued Between $300K – $1M
  • Request Exclusivity From The Seller
  • Emphasize How Easy You’ll Make It For The Seller Post-Sale



We hope you enjoy the episode! Have interesting insights into cashflow opportunities with online businesses? Have any useful tips when deciding to invest in the RE space? Either way, leave us a comment below or give us a shout on your favorite social media platform!

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