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Systematizing Your Business: The Key to Regaining Your Freedom With Lauren Tickner [Ep.102]

Systematizing Your Business: The Key to Regaining Your Freedom With Lauren Tickner [Ep.102]

Greg Elfrink September 7, 2022

Sometimes, it’s an entrepreneur’s ability to neutralize their weaknesses that paves the way to their success.

By prioritizing important tasks and removing themselves from activities they aren’t skilled at or simply don’t like, entrepreneurs can focus their talents on areas of their business where they can make a measured difference. 

Implementing systems like these helped Lauren Tickner turn her side hustle as a fitness coach into a 7-figure online business by the age of 21. 

But Lauren didn’t stop there. She realized that the systems she used to grow her fitness coaching business could be applied to all industries. 

This revelation inspired her to create Impact School, a 7-figure coaching company that helps digital entrepreneurs implement systems that allow them to free up valuable time and scale their businesses to new heights. 

In this episode, Lauren joins us to discuss the advantages of systematization, the steps business owners should take to systematize their business, and how implementing systems has helped her own business thrive. According to Lauren,

“As a business owner, you have to fill your weaknesses. I became so systems oriented through my own lack of organization. A big lesson for me was hiring someone who was my opposite, who could ensure that those systems were set up. But only by being honest about my weaknesses was I able to find the right person.”

Lauren also sheds some light on the bad industry advice that entrepreneurs should avoid, how she diversifies her income streams without succumbing to shiny object syndrome, and some of the biggest challenges she faced when building and scaling Impact School.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • How Lauren helps people detach their personal brand from their business (05:06)
  • Lauren walks us through her origin story as an entrepreneur (07:55)
  • Hiring people who compliment your weaknesses (13:48)
  • How systemization can benefit entrepreneurs (15:10)
  • The right time to implement systemization in your business’s lifecycle (18:03)
  • The V.I.L.E. system Lauren uses to prioritize tasks (24:33)
  • The bad advice Lauren has heard floating around the industry (29:41)
  • How Lauren plans to diversify her income streams moving forward (39:35)
  • How Lauren avoids shiny object syndrome when acquiring businesses (44:05)
  • Why Lauren decided to exclude investors from her own business (50:35)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how systems can help you scale your business without losing your freedom.

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