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Supercharge Your Shopify SEO: How to Outrank Your Competitors with Benjamin Golden [Ep.140]

Supercharge Your Shopify SEO: How to Outrank Your Competitors with Benjamin Golden [Ep.140]

Greg Elfrink August 1, 2023

Shopify store owners have a whirlwind of responsibilities like managing supply chains, keeping tabs on inventory levels, and staying ahead in a competitive market. 

It’s no wonder that SEO often takes a backseat.

In the race for quick results, many sellers lean towards paid advertising, but this week’s guest believes that SEO is the real game-changer that will set the stage for skyrocketing sales.

Benjamin Golden is the founder of GoldenWeb, an SEO agency focused on scaling Shopify brands through SEO.

In this episode, Benjamin explains that while paid ads might offer instant gratification, they are no match for the steady and sustainable stream of traffic that SEO can bring to your Shopify store.

He walks us through the first steps to kickstart a thriving Shopify SEO strategy, the crucial role the backlinks play in eCommerce SEO, and how to strike the perfect balance between paid ads and organic traffic.

Benjamin also shares his views on how AI will affect the eCommerce and SEO industries, explaining,

“I think AI will affect every single business, but not in the way that people think.

I like to compare it to the gold rush. It wasn’t everyone that was digging up and mining gold that got rich. It was the people selling the shovels. 

The same thing will happen with AI. Everyone is rushing into building the next AI tool, and some of those businesses will succeed and do well, but that’s going to get very saturated, very fast. The people that will really benefit from AI are the ones that learn how to properly integrate AI into their business.’

Finally, Benjamin explains the unique advantages of buying online businesses as an agency owner, using the resources, internal processes, and industry connections the agency has developed to fast-track growth.

If you’re an eCommerce store owner then listen up, because this episode is filled with actionable insights and expert tips that will supercharge your store’s SEO and sales.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Benjamin’s background and how he became involved in SEO (03:08)
  • Why Benjamin chose to focus on SEO specifically for Shopify stores (05:27)
  • How eCommerce SEO differs from affiliate SEO (09:38)
  • The first steps of a successful Shopify SEO strategy (14:47)
  • The crucial role backlinks play in eCommerce SEO (20:17)
  • How to allocate your marketing budget between paid ads and SEO (27:34)
  • Common SEO mistakes that eCommerce store owners make (32:37) 
  • Why Benjamin believes AI is like the gold rush (37:48)
  • The reason Benjamin decided to diversify his income by buying a SaaS business (46:55)
  • The benefits of buying online businesses as an agency owner (50:37)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to propel your Shopify store to unparalleled heights using the power of SEO!

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