How to Automate Your Amazon FBA Business Using SOPs With Gianmarco Meli [Ep. 65]

How to Automate Your Amazon FBA Business Using SOPs With Gianmarco Meli [Ep. 65]

Sarah Nuttycombe December 8, 2021

Many entrepreneurs wish for more hours in the day, but how do you streamline your business to buy back that valuable extra time?

Gianmarco Meli believes SOPs are the answer to this crucial question. Gianmarco is the host of The Seller Process, a podcast that focuses on systems and SOPs that help entrepreneurs automate their businesses. 

In this episode, Gianmarco provides FBA and ecommerce business owners with a roadmap on how to use SOPs to turn their businesses into well-oiled machines.

He discusses how implementing SOPs can help business owners increase their efficiency across the board, from product development to inventory management, to onboarding new employees. 

Gianmarco breaks down the different types of SOPs you can use and explains how to create systems and processes that are tailored to suit your business. He also discusses the important role that SOP’s play when scaling your business:

“When you scale your business, you also scale its complexity. If you don’t have the necessary systems and processes in place, in the form of SOPs, your whole business could break apart.”

As an extra bonus, Gianmarco has given our listeners a free ebook guide for creating SOPs! Get your copy using the link below.

If your business is overrun with redundant processes and unnecessary complexities, then you don’t want to miss out on these important tips and tricks! 

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Topics Discussed in this episode:

  • How Gianmarco got started in the world of ecommerce (02:23)
  • Gianmarco explains what SOPs are (06:02)
  • What are the advantages for Amazon sellers to have clear SOPs in place? (07:16)
  • How SOPs can help FBA sellers scale their businesses (13:17)
  • Gianmarco walks us through how to create an SOP from scratch (15:20)
  • Where do SOPs fit into Amazon brand building? (22:44)
  • The best practices for implementing SOPs across teams (28:01)
  • Gianmarco shares some insights into emerging trends in the FBA industry (32:47)
  • What motivated Gianmarco to start The Seller Process podcast (36:58)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to use SOPs to maximize your business productivity!

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