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Selling NFTs on Shopify: How to Get Ahead of the Game With Kasey Luck [Ep. 89]

Selling NFTs on Shopify: How to Get Ahead of the Game With Kasey Luck [Ep. 89]

Sarah Nuttycombe May 30, 2022

In order to be successful, eCommerce sellers need to have the ability to be flexible and pivot to meet new trends head-on. 

In this episode, Kasey Luck explains how Shopify merchants can take advantage of the hype surrounding NFTs by minting and selling them through their Shopify stores.

Kasey is the founder of Luck & Co, an agency that specializes in increasing eCommerce conversion and retention rates through SMS and email marketing. She also has a YouTube channel, where she teaches valuable industry advice, helping eCommerce sellers to boost their sales. 

Kasey walks us through the various use-cases for NFTs in eCommerce, the risks and rewards of branching out into NFTs, and how the crossover between eCommerce and blockchain will affect the industry in the coming years. 

We also discuss what drew Kasey to the eCommerce industry, and her passion for email and SMS marketing. She explains the power that these marketing channels can provide to business owners, and reveals the most common marketing mistakes she sees sellers make. According to Kasey,

“When you start a new brand, the first thing that you should be thinking about and setting up is your traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have anything else. It’s too soon to be focusing on things like email and SMS marketing if you don’t have any idea how you’re going to drive traffic to your site.”

If you’re ready to step into the future of eCommerce and learn more about NFTs and the metaverse, then this is a conversation you don’t want to miss out on!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Kasey walks us through her entrepreneurial journey so far (03:28)
  • Why Kasey decided to start her own marketing agency (06:30)
  • Why working in the eCommerce industry really resonates with Kasey (09:26)
  • The common marketing mistakes that trip eCommerce sellers up (13:36)
  • Kasey explains what exactly an NFT is(18:51)
  • How NFTs are crossing over into the eCommerce world (23:45)
  • The fundamentals Shopify owners should have in place before launching NFTs (29:15)
  • The biggest risks associated with selling NFTs on Shopify (32:01)
  • The advantages available to sellers who get into the NFT game early on (33:37)
  • The changes Kasey predicts in the eCommerce industry over the next few years (34:39)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to take your eCommerce business to the next level by minting and selling  NFTs through your Shopify store.

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