EFP 161: Building And Scaling Sales Teams

Justin Cooke

August 11, 2016

No matter what kind of entrepreneur you are or plan to be, improving your sales chops will be critical to your success.

We’re not talking the slimy salesman on the used car lot or the boiler room type shouting “Rico!!!” when he’s got a hot lead on the line.

No – we’re talking about passionately explaining your product or service to almost anyone that will listen.

And that’s not always potential customers. Whether you know it or not, you’ll be putting on your sales hat when you deal with:

  • Vendors – Trying to get a better deal on needed goods/services
  • Partners – Getting them onboard, negotiating deals
  • Hiring – Selling potential employees on the benefits of working with you
  • Employees – Selling your team on the vision you’ve laid out

In this episode, we bring our good friend Damian Thompson back onto the podcast to discuss building out sales teams. We cover issues like hiring, compensation, training, and management.


Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Hiring Process
  • Compensation
  • Training
  • Sales Tips


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“Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm.” – Damian – Tweet This!

“The way you onboard an employee is the window to the soul of your organisation.” – Damian – Tweet This!

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