Ramping up Rank and Rent: A Roadmap to Proven Results with James Dooley [Ep.146]

Ramping up Rank and Rent: A Roadmap to Proven Results with James Dooley [Ep.146]

Greg Elfrink October 18, 2023

Sometimes, our talents are immediately recognizable. Other times, we accidentally stumble across things we end up being incredibly good at.

This is what happened to James Dooley. Initially, he worked as a project manager, seeking a reliable way to generate leads for the business he was part of. He had a website created for that business and stumbled upon the world of SEO. What followed was a whirlwind of success.

Today, James boasts a staggering portfolio of over 800 clients in more than 650 diverse industries, making him a prominent figure in the rank and rent industry. He’s taken things a step further by investing in many of the businesses he provides leads to.

In this episode, James joins us to reveal the secrets to his success. He discusses the importance of testing and research when it comes to SEO and ranking, and the crucial role his team has played in the growth of his business. James explains,

“The best investment I’ve made is in the people that work with me. Forget the content, the backlinks, the websites, the businesses we work for. If you get good quality people around you, you encourage them and give them enough space to let them grow and do their own thing, they will do everything for you.”

James offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how he builds trust with clients and leverages directories to attract leads. He also debunks common SEO myths and errors while unveiling the SEO strategies he believes yield the best results. According to James, 

“Parasite SEO is great for getting instant wins. Quickly build a site on a high DR domain, and hit it with a couple of tier-two backlinks. At present, that’s the best way of generating quick traffic.”

If you’re thinking of getting into the rank and rent or lead generation game, or simply aiming to supercharge your existing business, this is one conversation you don’t want to miss!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • James briefly touches on how he has elevated the rank and rent model (04:06)
  • A look at James’ background and how he got into the world of SEO (06:03)
  • The importance of R&D and how James’s team is structured (12:12)
  • James debunks common SEO myths and mistakes (15:02)
  • How James acquires and maintains clients for his rank and rent business (20:24)
  • James explains how he uses directories to attract leads (29:00)
  • Building trust in a pay-per-performance business model (37:18)
  • Why James decided to invest in many of the businesses he works with (43:46)
  • How James attracts and retains talented employees (49:16)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to take your rank and rent business to a whole new level!

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