How to Rise to the Top of Your Niche Using Amazon PPC Campaigns With Mina Elias [Ep. 83]

How to Rise to the Top of Your Niche Using Amazon PPC Campaigns With Mina Elias [Ep. 83]

Sarah Nuttycombe April 13, 2022

When used correctly, PPC is a powerful tool in an Amazon seller’s arsenal. But, as a newcomer to the FBA game, it’s often hard to find the time to research and implement optimized PPC campaigns while simultaneously ensuring your business runs smoothly. 

When Mina Elias first entered the Amazon marketplace, he struggled with this challenge himself. Determined to master PPC, Mina put in the hard yards and absorbed all the information he could find about advertising on Amazon. 

His thirst for knowledge paid off, with Mina scaling his supplement brand, MMA Nutrition, to over seven figures. Now, Mina puts his PPC expertise to work as the founder of Trivium Group, an Amazon advertising agency that manages PPC campaigns on behalf of FBA sellers, giving business owners one less thing to worry about.

In this episode, Mina discusses how his passion for PPC led him to create both Trivium Group and The PPC University, an educational platform that teaches FBA sellers how to create cost-effective and automated PPC campaigns. He reveals the core principles that make up a good Amazon PPC strategy and explains why PPC is a solid investment for businesses of all sizes. 

Mina walks us through the challenges and doubts he overcame after quitting his corporate job to become an FBA seller and explains why so many entrepreneurs are attracted to the supplement niche. He also reveals the qualities that help his brand stay relevant in such a highly-competitive niche and shares the advice and tips he wishes he was given when starting out as an FBA seller. According to Mina,

Building accurate profit & loss statements is incredibly important. I wish I had done it earlier. If you’re not building accurate P&Ls, it’s putting you at a severe disadvantage, especially when you try to sell your business. So, find someone who is familiar with A2X and QuickBooks, hire them to teach you how everything works, and then just hire a bookkeeper to manage the whole process.”

If you want to avoid common FBA stumbling blocks and learn the shortcuts to Amazon success, then this is a conversation you don’t want to miss out on!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Mina walks us through his entrepreneurial journey so far (01:15)
  • How Mina broke into the supplements niche and remained competitive (10:31)
  • What makes the supplements niche so attractive to Amazon sellers (15:21)
  • How Mina juggles selling on Shopify and Amazon (17:17)
  • The problems Mina encountered getting to grips with PPC as a new seller (22:18)
  • The core principles that make up a good Amazon PPC strategy (26:18)
  • Mina’s motivations behind starting PPC University (31:23)
  • The advice Mina wishes he was given when starting out as an Amazon seller (39:52)
  • Mina shares insights into his future plans (42:37)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to create PPC campaigns that will move the needle for your FBA business!

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