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The A-Z of Building a Passive Content Site Business With Morten Storgaard [Ep.112]

The A-Z of Building a Passive Content Site Business With Morten Storgaard [Ep.112]

Greg Elfrink December 6, 2022

When building a content site, you don’t have to choose between profitable and passive. You can have the best of both worlds, as long as you have a few key elements in place. 

Figuring out what these key elements are can be a steep learning curve for newcomers. That’s where Morten Storgaard comes in. 

Morten is a seasoned content site professional who put his experience to good use by creating Passive Income Geek. His in-depth course teaches entrepreneurs how to build a full-time income with passive websites. He also has a successful YouTube channel where he shares useful tips and tricks for improving your sites. 

In this episode, Morten unpacks some of the core building blocks of a successful content site.  

We dive into the importance of a strong domain name, and what separates the good names from the bad. Morten reveals he thinks why redirects and link building should take a back seat to creating quality content, and explains how to churn out top-notch content while keeping your business passive.

We also touch on how you can use YouTube to feed traffic to your site, and how to balance content production across both platforms. 

If you want to get into the content site game, but don’t have much time on your hands, then Morten has plenty of actionable advice that you can use to build a passive website business of your very own.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Morten introduces himself and explains the idea behind Passive Income Geek (01:40)
  • Why Morten transitioned away from affiliate sites into content sites (05:06)
  • Why choosing a good domain name is crucial (10:05)
  • Morten sheds some light on his content production process (14:25)
  • Bad SEO advice that Morten has come across (17:29)
  • Why Morten prioritizes quality content over 301 redirects and link building (20:18)
  • The role that social media plays in Morten’s business strategy (27:14)
  • How to scale a YouTube channel without being the face of your brand (29:42)
  • How Morten manages his team and his portfolio of sites (33:07)
  • The origins of Passive Income Geek and what sets it apart from other courses (41:56)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to generate a full-time income from passive content sites!

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