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Why Seller Interviews Help You Sell Your Business

Why Seller Interviews Help You Sell Your Business

If you’ve decided to sell your business with us, and you’ve passed through our vetting process, then it is time for a seller interview.

These seller interviews are a unique aspect of working with Empire Flippers. It is a powerful tool in our marketing belt to help get more buyer eyes on your business, make your negotiations go easier, and to be honest, make the entire process smoother.

Now, selling a business is never exactly a smooth process. There are always challenges to overcome. That holds true whether this is your first or one of dozens of businesses you’ve sold.

A seller interview, done right, just makes everything go a lot easier for you.

In order for your business to qualify for a seller interview, you only need to have a business that is worth over $300,000. Anything less than that and your business is probably going to sell before we can even edit the interview, much less publish it.

What is a Seller Interview?

Once your business goes live as a listing on our marketplace, our listing copywriter will reach out to you through email and the Zendesk customer communication platform to schedule an appointment.

During the interview you will be asked a series of questions. We have all these questions prepared in advance and send them out to you so you can prepare for the interview. Depending on how you answer those questions, we might ask other questions of interest but will always ask our main questions too.

All of these questions are ones that buyers are actively interested in. They want to know this information, and it gives them a chance to get a “sneak peek” at your business.

You don’t have to fear about stumbling over your words.

We have professional audio editors that will clean up the entire voice track. The interview won’t be published with you saying a bunch of “uhs,” “ums,” and “ahs”. You’re going to sound like a professional podcaster for the listeners.

All we ask is that you schedule the actual call in a quiet place and set aside an hour of your time.

These interviews are public facing to our entire audience, so we won’t be mentioning any intimate details. Consider the seller interview a kind of “add-on” to the listing page we created for your business. Potential buyers will still need to make a deposit before seeing any kind of URLs, product SKUs, or other sensitive data.

Once the interview is finished with audio and video editing, that is when the magic happens.

We publish the interview on your listing page, our Youtube channel, and the best interviews will be republished on our Real Money Real Business podcast.

The Psychology Behind Why it Helps to Sell Your Business

So much of marketing is based on psychology, and that holds true even when it comes to marketing your business to potential buyers and investors.

The most powerful method to getting someone to buy what you’re selling is simple.

Make them like you.

A seller interview allows a buyer to hear your voice, your mannerisms, your thoughts, and so much more about you than just the business you’re selling. The buyer doesn’t have to make any effort at all when it comes to starting to know, like and trust you. We all know that people that know, like and trust you are more likely to buy from you as well.

It’s just human nature.

By giving potential buyers this information upfront, without asking them for anything in return, they’re more likely to make a deposit on your business. When they start making offers and negotiating with you, the interview that endeared you to them will make them far easier to work with as well.

In some cases, we’ve had buyers interested in a business but refused to buy the business until they heard the seller interview.

While seller interviews do help you make your potential buyers more likely to buy from you, they also do another very important marketing function.

Seller Interviews Get More Attention for Your Business

When your interview goes live, you’ve just opened up our ability to market your business better.

Since seller interviews are typically published a week after your listing goes live. This lets us reach back out to people that showed interest, even if they only visited the listing page a few times, to let them know the listing has been updated with your interview. We’ll also send an email and notification to users who viewed your listing page.

Also, all of our Youtube subscribers will get notified when a new seller interview goes live. We’ve gotten feedback that much of our audience listens to these interviews almost like a podcast. They’ll binge every week through all of our new listings, both as a form of inspiration for their business and as a potential buyer for your business.

Alongside this, interviews get republished on our Real Money Real Business podcast that gets hundreds of downloads every month across multiple different podcasting platforms.

Finally, we’re always experimenting with new ways to promote the seller interview.

When you commit to doing one, you are also opening up several new marketing channels to sell your business. These new marketing channels help us to sell your business faster, get a better price, and overall make the process smoother for you as we help you to build trust with our buyer pool.

One of the easiest ways to increase the likelihood of selling your business is to agree to do a seller interview once your business is live on the marketplace.

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