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How We Market Your Business

How We Market Your Business

Selling your business is an exciting, stressful, and an incredibly profitable activity.

You’re probably wondering though… just how do we go about actually marketing your business to potential buyers?

Every business is unique, and thus sometimes requires unique marketing too, but almost all of our listings go through the process below. If you ever wondered how a top notch broker is able to get so many buyers looking at your business, then read on.

The Launch

The Launch happens after your business has received a valuation from our vetting team and you’ve accepted. This is where we push your business in front of our entire buyer pool. Some brokers use private buyer lists before they take your business to the full market, but this is something we don’t do.

This means your business enters the market in front of the most potential buyers as possible right away. No need to wait around to see what a VIP buyer group decides. Instead, those buyers are competing with all the other buyers, which helps you get the best deal possible as quickly as possible.

At the Launch, your business is officially published on our marketplace.

We publish new businesses for sale every Monday, which will appear both in our “current” marketplace view and in the “new” filter”.

Once your listing is published, we send out an email newsletter to over 95,000 potential buyers that browse our marketplace day in and day out for new deals just like yours. This email jumpstarts potential buyers into making deposits on your business and to begin their due diligence process.

In addition to this newsletter promotion, we also send out a PushCrew notification to over 15,000 subscribers to alert them of our new businesses for sale. We also blast our social media with a “shout” linking to your business.

All of this happens within minutes of your business going live on the marketplace.

Submit Your Business For Sale

The Syndication

Syndication is the process of promoting your business across other marketplace platforms. These platforms, like BizBuySell or Businesses for Sale, are places that brokers use to attract potential buyers to their businesses. We automatically feed your published listing to these platforms through a series of APIs and then track all new leads looking at your listing through our Hubspot marketing automation.

We will then optimize your listing on these alternative marketplaces to get the most possible viewership in every major city across the USA. Over time, we rotate listings to other major metropolitan areas so a different affluent demographic can see them.

If we have a seller interview completed, we use it to update the syndication platforms that allow us to embed Youtube videos to bring extra views to the listing.

The Seller Interview – Helping the Buyer “Buy” You

Our seller interviews are one of the most unique things about our marketing process, and they are incredibly effective.

In order for your business to qualify for a seller interview, you only need to have a business that is worth over $300,000. Anything less than that and your business is probably going to sell before we can even edit the interview, much less publish it.

A seller interview is where our listing copywriter does an audio interview with you. In this interview, we talk about your story, your past, how you came to start the business, and the journey you went on as you grew the business. These interviews are incredibly popular and help inspire not just buyers to look at your business, but people in general with what is possible when you commit to doing the hard work.

Once the interview is done, we send it to our team of audio and video editors to add the finishing touches. Then we publish it on Youtube and embed it on your specific listing page.

Not only do we publish on YouTube, but every episode will be included as part of our Real Money Real Business Podcast (RMRB). The RMRB episodes go out to all of our podcast subscribers across all the mainstream podcast platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

These seller interviews usually come out a week after your listing goes live, as long as you’ve scheduled the interview with our listing copywriter as soon as possible. The link to schedule an interview will be given to you shortly after your listing goes live.

Some sellers wonder what the value is of doing these interviews. The truth is, people are more likely to buy products and services from people they know, like, and trust. The same principle applies whether you’re buying food at a restaurant, insurance, or a business.

These audio-only interviews allow potential buyers and investors to learn about you beyond just the listing page. It gives them an idea of who you are, what kind of person you are, and, ultimately, if you’re the kind of person they would enjoy working with when purchasing a business.

Buying a business requires a certain degree of trust in the person that is selling the business. These interviews allow you to gain the buyer’s trust before they even start doing their due diligence.

We’ve even had buyers that refused to buy the business before a seller interview was published.

That is how important they can be in getting a deal done.

When you go live on our marketplace, make sure you schedule yours right away.

Retargeting Campaigns and Feature Emails

In addition to everything above, we also proactively run specific paid traffic campaigns to your business.

We use our email list to build both retargeting and lookalike audiences that are affluent individuals or investor funds, then we write compelling copy in an ad that will be marketed across various social media networks and paid search engines.

These campaigns almost always target the specific buyer demographic that would be most likely to purchase your business.

Sometimes though, a listing can get overlooked on our marketplace despite being an amazing business. One reason this happens is simply because we launch so many new listings every single week.

We make sure that your business doesn’t fall through the cracks by including it in a “featured listings of the week” email. These listings usually have a theme to them, such as businesses for sale under a certain price or businesses for sale in similar niches or monetization types.

This brings the attention of our buyer pool back to your business and will often bring new buyers that will begin their due diligence on your business.

Brand Marketing to Increase Trust and Increase the Buyer Pool

It is important to note that every single piece of marketing that we do at Empire Flippers helps to sell your business, though the majority of that marketing you may never see.

Every webinar we do, guest post, content collaboration, or partnership that we develop with other platforms will ultimately help sell your business faster and for more money.

This is because what we do behind the scenes grows the overall trust the market has in us as their preferred “go-to” broker. The more trust we gain in the market, the more buyers that will come to buy from our marketplace, which means more eyes on your business.

We are always working hard to grow our traffic sources, whether it be SEO, paid advertising, conference sponsorships, or some other method. While we are promoting ourselves as a brand in many of these channels, you ultimately benefit from it as our brand continues to grow.

Our brand marketing has become so powerful that right now we are the only brokerage firm that we’re aware of that can say we get 100% of our leads through inbound marketing. Of course, that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to continue experimenting with various new marketing channels for you.

When it comes to marketing your business, we’re 100% obsessed with finding the best possible buyer for you. At the end of the day, our job is to get you a profitable exit that lets you walk away thrilled with our results.

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