How to Sell Your Business Faster

How to Sell Your Business Faster

You know what kills a deal more quickly than anything else?


We know you’re ready to sell your business. You’ve passed our vetting process and gotten your listing live on the marketplace, but your job is not yet done.

Some sellers take it easy from here. They start going silent. Questions start piling up, requests are made, and the seller becomes unresponsive. This is one of the worst things you can do, and frankly, it is a weird thing to do.

When you have a potential six figure, seven figure or maybe even eight figure sell on your hands, you should be enthusiastic about being hyper responsive.

If a buyer asks a question and we cannot get a hold of you, that doesn’t just tell the buyer that you are not serious, but it tells us that you are not serious. When this happens, your listing will be shown less to potential buyers by our business analysts because we don’t want to waste our buyer’s time, and our own, if you’re not meeting us halfway.

The good news is that it is extremely easy to be responsive.

All you need to do is reply in the Zendesk ticket when a new message shows up, send a message to your business analyst, and give access to buyers who are doing deeper due diligence on your business to your data, such as analytics. Make it part of your work routine to check 3–4 times per week to see if there are any outstanding questions.

When you do this, buyers will see that you mean business. The faster you respond, the faster your business will sell with us.

Being Coachable

Empire Flippers works differently than other brokers. Our entire company is a team effort, which means that at any given time, you might be working with several different business analysts who are working with buyers they’ve formed deep relationships with.

Regardless of who you are working with, you should consider our business analysts like a coach or a consultant. We are selling businesses day in and day out, so we understand what is going through a buyer’s mind as they make their final purchasing decisions on your business.

If a buyer sends you an offer or asks you a question, let us help you give the answer.

We will coach you every step of the way regarding the best way to answer questions or whether you should accept a buyer’s offer or make a counter offer.

Remember, we’re here to see everyone win, and that includes you.

Lean in on us, and we will invest in your success.

After all, that’s exactly what a team is for, and we’re a part of your team.

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