EFP 191 - Online Business That Don’t Sell In 2019

EFP 191: Online Business That Don’t Sell In 2019

Justin Cooke October 3, 2019

While it’s easy (and interesting) to talk about the businesses that are selling well in our industry, those that aren’t deserve some attention too. In this episode of the podcast, Joe and I talk about the types of online businesses that are NOT selling well in 2019.

We’re constantly receiving specific feedback from our buyers, so if you’re a seller, the recommendations and advice in this episode should help you make your business more sellable.

On the buyer side of deals? There’s value here for you too. This is a great episode to learn more about less popular deals to gain more leverage.

Before you listen in, keep in mind that this is very “2019”. These trends seem to change over time, so if you are from the future, take this into consideration.


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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Yellow-Light: (Can list/sell currently, but poor interest)
  1. Low-Quality Dropshipping Businesses
  2. Sites Built On Expired, Non-Relevant Domains
  3. Ecommerce Businesses Overly Dependent On Paid Traffic (More than 50%, for example)
  4. Content Sites With Heavy PBN Usage
  5. Majority Of Traffic Outside The US
  • Red-Light: (Our Vetting Guidelines)



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“It’s easy to talk about what crushes it…, but it’s also interesting to hear where things aren’t working out as well.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“We wanted to provide this podcast as a warning to sellers, but [also] to really dig into opportunities for buyers to find deals that maybe other people aren’t so interested in.” – Justin – Tweet This!

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