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No-Code, No Problem: The Field Guide to No-Code Applications With Lola Ojabowale [Ep. 92]

No-Code, No Problem: The Field Guide to No-Code Applications With Lola Ojabowale [Ep. 92]

Sarah Nuttycombe June 15, 2022

For many years, an inability to code has held aspiring SaaS founders back from success. Now, no-code and low-code tools are lowering the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs looking to enter the software and tech industries. 

But what exactly are no-code and low-code solutions?

In this episode, Lola Ojabowale gives us a thorough overview of this exciting technology. Lola is the founder of Lunch Pail Labs, a full-service digital product studio that helps clients research, build, and maintain platforms and apps using no or low-code solutions. 

Lola provides a definition of what no-code and low-code actually refer to, and outlines the skills and experience entrepreneurs will need in order to use no-code tools. We discuss the various projects no-code can be used for and the limitations and downsides of choosing no-code over traditional coding solutions. 

Lola also explains why she is so passionate about economic equity, and how no-code applications help to further the pursuit of this goal. According to Lola,

“What’s so interesting about no-code and low-code is this “permissionlessness” that it enables. Even as a non-technical founder, you don’t have to have anybody’s say-so or permission. And that enables more folks to empower themselves and build solutions that are authentic to themselves.”

If you want to dive deeper into the world of no-code, listen carefully to this conversation as Lola shares a long list of tools, educational platforms, and communities that you can use to further your no-code journey.

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Lola shares insights into how she became involved with no-code platforms (03:58)
  • An explanation of what no-code and low-code really mean (06:42)
  • The type of projects that no code solutions could be used for (08:06)
  • The skills and requirements needed to build no-code platforms (12:26)
  • How LunchPail Labs assists businesses in creating no-code solutions (14:41)
  • The downsides and limitations of no-code (18:31)
  • Changes within the no-code space that are exciting Lola right now (23:34)
  • The best no-code communities for beginners (26:26)
  • The catalyst that inspired Lola to start her own business (28:10)
  • The unique way that Lola approaches risk (33:20)
  • Lola explains why she is so passionate about economic equity (37:43)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and discover the many benefits of no-code and low-code solutions!

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