(The Entrepreneur Ride Along) Navigating Google Algorithm Updates and Chasing Quality Content

Nell VH March 13, 2024

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Hi everyone, I’m back with another update about the site I launched as part of the Entrepreneur Ride Along series.

In this video, I will talk about the process of launching the site.

I’ll share the good news and bad news about the way the site has been performing.

How Is Your Site Performing?

The bad news is that the site is not growing or improving. It has remained stable and survived the Google update. But I want to make money, so I am looking for growth.

However, considering the current situation with lots of Google update weirdness, I am glad my site survived.

On the other hand, I have been getting good impressions and good growth on Microsoft Bing.

Many people have said that Google sucks right now, and I tend to agree when I compare my Bing performance to Google.

I try to deliver a lot of EEAT with my site by including things like author bios, ‘was this helpful’ review options, and content written by high-quality Amazon-published authors.

Have You Run into Any Unexpected Challenges Now That Your Site Is Live?

The biggest unexpected challenge was the recent Google updates and the big hits that sites took.

But despite this, I try to remain positive. I am confident that my site is a winner!

My strategy for overcoming the challenge of Google updates is to maintain the highest quality of content that I can.

Whenever I discover a new standard for improving content, I update my SOPs and make sure that all of my sites are updated to meet the highest quality standards.

How Do You Plan to Improve Your Site Moving Forward?

Again, I will try to always update my content to ensure it is of the highest quality.

The good growth the site has achieved in Bing indicates that the site is starting to gain topical authority which is a really positive sign.

Have You Experimented with Any New Content Formats or Distribution Channels?
Yes. We are always trying to develop our writing and SOPs. In fact, we recently started using an editing service.

Everyone uses AI, but we have created our editorial process to use AI to create good articles that attract lots of links.

We craft the intro to be direct and straightforward, answering the core question. We usually include an external link to an expert source, helping us to gain authority.

In the body of the article, we try to cut out all of the fluff and unnecessary information. We only include information that is helpful to the reader.

We use a lot of bullet points and tables to make the information easier to digest so that we don’t waste the readers’ time.

Our focus is on creating articles with good readability.

What Goals or Milestones Have You Set for Your Site in the Upcoming Months?

Honestly, for now, our plan is to wait and see what will happen with the Google updates.

We can’t forecast our goals or make plans until Google decide what they want. Will they still rank Reddit forums? Will Quora be included?

If Google gives small publishers the ability to grow, then we will expand aggressively.

But for now, we wait and see.

In the meantime, we’ll maintain the quality and improve the writing as best as we can.

That’s it for now. See you next month!

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