Increasing Your FBA Profit Margins by 10-30% Using Dynamic Pricing with Chad Rubin [Ep.122]

Increasing Your FBA Profit Margins by 10-30% Using Dynamic Pricing with Chad Rubin [Ep.122]

Greg Elfrink February 21, 2023

Amazon sellers need to be flexible to adapt to market fluctuations, changes in consumer behavior, and supply chain disruptions. But one area where they tend to remain rigid is in their pricing. 

Chad Rubin believes this is a fatal flaw for FBA business. This flaw inspired him to create Profasee, a dynamic repricing tool that helps sellers maximize profits without sacrificing their product ranking on Amazon. 

In this episode, Chad joins us to discuss the origins of Profasee and walks us through his experiences as the founder of Skubana and co-founder of the Prosper Show. He shares why he chose to exit those businesses, and the challenges of being a multi-disciplined entrepreneur running eCommerce, agency, Saas, and event businesses.

Chad explains how Profasee was born out of his need to revive his flagging eCommerce business, and how pricing is an often overlooked growth opportunity by Amazon sellers. According to Chad,

Your price should never be static. Especially in a fast marketplace like Amazon. Your competitors are changing prices. Your inventory, stock positions, your positioning on Amazon, your BSR, your ad spend – everything is changing. So your price should always change too. It’s the quickest lever to pull that nobody’s pulling on Amazon.”

Chad also debunks some common misconceptions about AI in SaaS and shares how he integrated AI into Profasee to forecast optimal pricing. We dig into the signals and data that his AI uses to calculate dynamic pricing, and how his data science team co-pilots the AI. 

Plus, Chad shares his predictions on upcoming trends that will shape the Amazon FBA industry in the coming years, including how embracing AI is the key to ensuring the longevity of your brand. 

This episode is overflowing with information on how to maximize your profits, stay ahead of the competition and secure the long-term success of your online business. Don’t miss out!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • A brief look into Chad’s background and entrepreneurial journey (02:11)
  • How Chad manages multiple brands simultaneously (04:50)
  • How an Integrator can help businesses grow (07:41)
  • The mistakes and obstacles Chad faced when building Skubana (10:12)
  • Chad sheds some light on his exit from Skubana (13:40)
  • How Chad became involved in the creation of Prosper show (23:51)
  • A breakdown of Profasee and how it uses AI to calculate optimal pricing (30:27)
  • The most common mistakes FBA sellers make when it comes to pricing (42:51)
  • The trends Chad foresees in the Amazon FBA industry moving forward (50:29)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to gain the upper hand on Amazon by using dynamic pricing!

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