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Maximizing Display Ad Revenues by Owning Your Ad Inventory with Kean Graham [Ep.130]

Maximizing Display Ad Revenues by Owning Your Ad Inventory with Kean Graham [Ep.130]

Greg Elfrink May 23, 2023

Display advertising is a powerful monetization, but many website owners miss out on extra profits and growth by treating display ads as a “set and forget” addition to their site.

Recognizing this untapped potential, Kean Graham created MonetizeMore, a platform that increases ad revenues by using auction technology to find the advertisers willing to pay the most for your ad placement. They also offer a suite of tools that helps publishers analyze their revenue stats and detect and block invalid traffic.

In this episode, Kean joins us to shed light on the state of the display advertising industry in 2023. We discuss the challenges publishers are currently facing, including how market changes have impacted RPMS, and how AI will affect organic traffic.

Kean also dives into some of the pitfalls that many publishers are unaware of. He reveals the dangers of bot traffic attacks and explains how invalid traffic can be a silent killer for your site. 

Kean also explains how many black box companies gatekeep your ad inventory, and how owning that inventory is the key to unlocking exponential growth for your site. According to Kean,

“Your ad inventory is a wealth of data that you can use to sell directly to advertisers, access premium RPMS, or create brand partnerships. So If you really want to grow your site to ambitious levels, it’s vital to partner with companies that believe in transparency and ad inventory ownership.”

If you want to take control of your ad revenues and propel your site to new heights, then don’t miss a minute of this episode!

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Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Kean’s background and info about MonetizeMore(02:33)
  • How MonetizeMore uses AI tech to detect bots and invalid traffic (04:07) 
  • How competitors use bots traffic attacks and how to protect yourself (08:44)
  • The challenges that publishers are currently facing (17:25)
  • Strategies publishers can use to grow their revenue (22:33)
  • The data points you can gain access to by owning your ad inventory (30:50)
  • How large publishers diversify their traffic sources (33:29)
  • Kean’s take on the effect AI will have on Google Search (36:13)
  • The stepping stones for growth in 2023 (41:05)
  • How Kean keeps innovating after so long in the industry (46:00)


Sit back, grab a coffee, and learn how to accelerate your site’s growth using your display advertising inventory.

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