We’re Hiring a New Apprentice – Marketplace Manager Wanted!

Justin Cooke Justin Cooke March 24, 2014


We’re hiring!

Want to move to a tropical island and work on cool shit while we sip tropical drinks and talk business strategy? This might be the position for you!

We are offering you the opportunity we wish we had when we started: a chance to live in an exotic location, work on sweet projects, and learn skills that will fast-track your online opportunities.

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What’s the Opportunity?

This is a full-time position working with us as a Marketplace Manager here in the Philippines. This is an apprenticeship position, much like our last one.

While the initial contract is for 5-6 months, we’re looking for someone who can take charge and run a piece of our business long-term.

You’ll transition from Apprentice to Team Member as you take on additional responsibilities. We want someone who will stay on through 2014/2015 and beyond.

Eventually, this role could turn into a location independent position, allowing you to work from wherever you’d like.

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What’s Our Story?


We run our business from Davao City, Philippines. Joe and I moved here in 2008 to run our outsourcing company and created our first online business,  AdSense Flippers, where we detailed our journey in creating profitable niche sites and selling them to customers.

In early 2013, we decided to merge both our outsourcing company and our online marketing/publishing company under one brand, Empire Flippers. We added a marketplace and more Products & Services to better serve our customers and expand our business/brand.

We want you to help us delight our customers and provide an amazing customer experience.

In 2014, we’re looking to focus more on website buyers and sellers by putting our marketplace front and center.  Although we’ll still list lower-priced sites, we’re looking to bring more websites in the $10K-100K range.

We’re now attracting new visitors who are either trying us out or looking into buying and selling sites with us. We want you to help us delight our customers and provide an amazing customer experience.

Why are we looking to hire another apprentice?

To date, we’ve hired two apprentices and this model has proven to be incredibly valuable to both us and them. Our most recent hire is still out here making the magic happen. In fact, there’s been so much value we’ve agreed to extend at least another six months.

You can read more about us here or listen to the podcast episode about our journey here.

What’s the Job Like?

It’s hard to tie it down to a specific job description because you’d be doing a lot of unique things and we’ll be applying your particular skill-sets and talents to the position. Still, we do want to lay out for you some of the tasks and responsibilities you’ll be taking on.

2014 is the year of the marketplace. We want you to take over the reins to start attracting new buyers and sellers, make the pre-sale process as smooth as possible, and assist the transition between buyer and seller post-sale.

What Skills Do I Need?

You’re a deal maker that knows how to negotiate. You’ll be working with website buyers and sellers who want to get the best deal possible. Maybe you’ve negotiated 3rd party transactions, cut your teeth on B2B sales negotiations, or have even brokered a few deals before. You’re going to have to make sure the deals are well-balanced and mutually beneficial. We’re always on the hunt for Win/Win relationships and that’s exactly the approach you’ll be taking between our buyers and sellers.

You’re good at spotting risks and opportunities. We reject sites at multiple steps in our vetting process because they don’t meet our strict criteria for listing. For those that do, you’ll be responsible for carefully laying out the risks and rewards for each of the sites available for sale. Understanding the buyer’s needs/wants and matching them to sites that are right for them will be an important part of your job.

You’re creative and can bring in new website buyers/sellers. We’ve got our own special sauces for bringing in buyers and sellers, but we don’t want you to just follow a Standard Operating Procedure and call it a day. You should be able to creatively come up with new strategies to increase the volume.

You’re going to be reaching out to people (Don’t be shy!) You’ll need to talk to buyers and sellers on a daily basis which will mean you need to reach out to folks who have never heard of us before.

You’re great at communication. You’ll be using Zendesk, our own email client, and getting on the phone regularly as you communicate back and forth with customers.

You excel at giving our customers the “white glove treatment” through the buying/selling process. We want customers for LIFE. You want to give people who go through our marketplace the best experience possible. That means being patient with their questions, responding in a timely manner, and providing an positive experience they won’t soon forget and just HAVE to tell their friends about.

What’s the Living Situation Like?

You will be living with Justin in a large house and a gated community in Davao City, Philippines (the fourth safest city in the WORLD) for at least a month that includes your own air-conditioned, private room/bathroom.

After the first month or so you’ll move into a condo with our current Marketing Apprentice, Vincent.


What else will you get?

  • Laundry service twice a week – Hate laundry? So do we. Much easier to have this done so that we can focus on business
  • No rent or house bills to pay – Electricity, water, cable, internet connections, trash, etc. all handled by us
  • Maid service – We have maid service at the house, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. I don’t know how we could do without after having this so long! Our current apprentice says “I haven’t cleaned dishes since I got here!”
  • Food included – You’ll have a maid that will cook you whatever you’d like (as long as we can find the ingredients!) Chicken Cordon Bleu? Check. You like eggs sunny side up with the yolk liquidy? Done
  • Know your way around town – One of the frustrating things about moving somewhere is learning where to find things. For example, best coffee shops with Internet, top nightlife spots, repair services, etc. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of this place
  • Mentorship – You’ll be living and working closely with me (and our current apprentice) as we continue to expand our brand and marketing efforts. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at a profitable, growing business and have direct access to us, our contacts, etc
  • You will have to pay for SOME stuff – Nights on the town, cell phone, personal items, etc.

We’ll take care of many of the day-to-day chores and tasks you’re familiar with so that you can maximize both work and play while you’re here.

Love It… Now What’s the Catch?

This isn’t a charity. We want to integrate you into our business and allow you to prove your hustle. At the same time, you’ll be getting tons of value from us by being out here and networking within our social circles.

You’ll be living/working with us and will know everything about our business. That’s quite a bit of trust we’re putting in you and we want to be brutally honest about what you’re getting into from the beginning.

You should probably be single. While we won’t go as far as saying you can’t be in a relationship, but this isn’t a package deal for families, couples, etc.

We do ask you to be here with us in Davao the first 5-6 months. While this may eventually turn into a more permanent location-independent position, we know that working together will help you to become intimately familiar with our business and help us find areas of opportunity. We want the type of person who will ask, “What do we need to do to make this relationship continue because I’m digging it and I’m good at the work!”

It’s going to be hard work. Ok, you’re not going to be digging ditches or moving heavy furniture all day, but some of the work will seriously deplete your brain power (strategy sessions, late-night whiteboarding, etc.) Some of it will be boring (dealing with hard to please clients.)

Some of it may be uncomfortable and push you out of your comfort zone. Reaching out to people you don’t know, pushing the boundaries on your skillsets, etc. Still – doing things we’re not completely comfortable with is how we learn.

We’re going to need your full attention. This won’t be a side-project for you. We’re looking for someone that wants to create a permanent, valuable position on our team. This isn’t an extended vacation or a gap-year getaway, we want someone with a “commitment to the hustle” and savvy enough to realize the opportunity and growth potential you’ll have with us.

You’re not going to make a ton of cash at the start. The good news is that most of your living expenses here are paid and it is super cheap to live in SE Asia. You’ll make 40K PHP per month which is plenty to live a comfortable life here in Davao and sock enough away to take a couple of trips while you’re here. Want to make more? Find a position where you’re adding so much value to our team that we can’t afford to lose you!

Anything Else?

We want people that are open to travel, remote work situations, etc., but we’re not looking for backpacking hippies that just want to goof off for several months.

We want hungry, eye-on-the-prize hustlers that are serious about changing their lives and building businesses. You’ll be running projects not tasks, so we need those that can take initiative and get shit done.

We don’t want to oversell this, but it is an amazing opportunity. We’re looking for a good fit over anything else.

Don’t think you’re qualified? You might be surprised! Go ahead and apply.

We’ll be reviewing EVERY application and we know others that are looking to provide a similar opportunity as well, so you might be a good fit for them!

How Do I Apply?

Step 1: Record the YouTube video (details below), fill out the application (Closed), and submit by the due date (Deadline: April 30th but bonus points for early submissions)

Step 2: Review submissions and schedule interview (Late April, Early May)

Step 3: Second interview and final decision (end of May)

Step 4: Apprentice announcement (end of May)

Step 5: Arrive in the Philippines (June)

*YouTube Video Requirements:

First section: 1-2 minutes explaining why you’re a good fit for this position.

Second section: 1-2 minutes with your best strategy for finding new buyers/sellers.

Third section: 1-3 minutes describing a negotiation or dealing with a problem situation between 2 or more parties that you had to resolve in the past.

Please put this all in one video and upload it to YouTube. We’ll need you to give us the link in the application.

don’t worry…you’re better than you think you are!

If you’re thinking about applying but worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) – don’t worry…you’re better than you think you are!

Click here to apply now! (Closed)

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  1. Kevon says:

    Hello I’m very interested in your job offer so I hope it is still available

  2. Kyle says:

    Hey I lived in and around Cebu, Dumaguete, and Tagbilaran for two years and I speak Bisaya fluently. I served as a missionary and I love the Filipino people. I’m still going through school and wouldn’t beable to make the move to the Philippines. But if there was anything I could do to help with the language barrier I’d love too

  3. Justin Cooke says:

    Thanks for the comment, Paul. Looking forward to reviewing your application.

  4. Paul says:

    you didnt post me previous comment? Well i would love to get the job

  5. Joseph Van Dyke says:

    Question from a potential badass apprentice who would like to make you lots of money “work(ing) on cool shit while we sip tropical drinks and talk business strategy”:
    Would airfare be part of the package or should I start swimming now? Also any other opportunities for a Californian with dual citizenship? (USA & Philippines) I was born and raised here in California, lived in the Philippines for two years as a youngster. Fluent in English and Tagalog. I might have to brush up on Tagalog business lingo though. Maybe we can work out taking a portion of my salary if airfare isn’t included? Looking to become a long-term team member and possible partner. I am an entrepreneur myself, and I have family in the Philippines that I rarely get to visit.

    Thank you!
    P.S. I might go for a non-alcoholic tropical drink while I’m on your time…. and when I’m on my time, I will frantically look for Scotch 6,731 miles away from Scotland. I Googled the exact distance. Also I saw your ad from Jeet Banerjee’s Facebook. I met him at a local Entrepreneur group.

    • Hey Joseph! I’m Vincent, EF’s Marketing apprentice. I’m not sure how airfare works this time around but we did deduct the cost of my flight from my pay over several months.

      Cool how you came through Jeet’s Facebook! I actually reached out to him a couple days ago asking him to share this opportunity. Good thing I did, huh?

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey Joseph,

      We might be willing to work something out on the airfare as we did with Vincent. The Tagalog doesn’t help much in Davao, unfortunately, as everyone speaks the local dialect (Bisaya). I was trying to learn Tagalog a bit but SO difficult when nobody around me speaks it regularly, hehe.

  6. Mo says:

    Hey guys, that quite an amazing position ! Apprenticeship is definitely the most efficient way to learn!
    My lack of salesmanship disqualifies me for this job, i’ll be waiting for the next marketing job!

    Shared the post on my business/travel group!

  7. Seth Migliori says:

    Hey guys I wanted to drop in and say hello. Your guys podcast have filled my notebooks with golden boulders many times now. I havent been to the site in a little while and it looks like you did another 50 pod cast. More notebooks lol! Big thanks for sharing all that you do. Ps the possibility of working with you guys would be amazing. I thought about it for about 10 minutes and then said “hell yeah” = application sent in.

    Aloha from Hawaii

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Great to hear, Seth!

      Yeah, we’ve definitely been knocking out the podcasts over the last year or so. Thank you so much for applying! We’ll be reviewing all applications in the coming weeks.

  8. Zaniest says:

    I am in Zimbabwe, too far i suppose, but I am fluent in this language because I have a Btech in electronic commerce and I have founded 3 successful websites.

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Hey there,

      We’re not terribly picky about the country you’re coming from as long as you’ll be able to meet the VISA requirements for the Philippines, which isn’t too difficult. We’re more interested in your skills, how well they match the job position, and what kind of culture fit you’d be in our company if that makes sense.

  9. Sweet opportunity for a single motivated person!

  10. Anisul Islam says:

    Hopefully, I will make my way this time :) Applying soon !

  11. Great opportunity and I’m glad to be a part of the team! Can’t wait to see who else we get out here in Davao. :)

    • Justin Cooke says:

      Yeah, buddy! Will be interesting to go through the applications. It’s quite a bit of work and difficult to choose, but I’m really looking forward to expanding the team.

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