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  • #48446 Listing Number
  • $545,597 Listing Price
  • $17,561 Monthly Revenue
  • $17,050 Monthly Net Profit
  • 7 Months Pricing Period
  • 32x Multiple
Listing Summary

This listing is for an affiliate and display advertising business in the news & education niche. The WordPress site features a 'best-of' style blog with many articles related to online education and work. Only natural link building techniques have been performed for this asset. Thanks to a team of outsourced VAs, minimal effort is required from the Seller to maintain the business at this time.

This business primarily generates revenue from affiliate (85%) and display advertising (15%) sources. The top traffic channels for this asset include organic (88.4%) direct (6.7%) and social (2.4%) signals. The top countries in terms of producing the most traffic to the site include India (38%) the US (21%) and the Philippines (4.2%) markets respectively.

The Seller had once produced content for the business but has recently stepped away from this operation. They now write content briefs and hand these off to their team of four VAs. Two of the outsourced team members are writers, one formats articles, and one editor. These VAs will not be continuing with the business. SOPs will be included with the business to include a list of keywords, article ideas, and content templates for the benefit of the Buyer.

No PBNs have been used for this business and the Seller has gained natural links through a 3-step strategy. The first is HARO pitching which is done every day by one VA, and the next is creating "link-bait" articles such as content related to statistics. The third step to their strategy includes uploading unique Unsplash photos which then link back to the site.

The business has a large number of advertisers they use on the site, and testing new affiliate programs which offer plenty of room for growth. No email list has been created for this business, offering plenty of growth opportunities for a Buyer to consider.

* 50% of the site's traffic is landing on one page. More information will be provided to active Buyers.

**Learn more about this listing by scrolling down to the FAQ section**

Business Created

July, 2019 - (1 years 3 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Domain and all site content/files
  • SOPs - Outsourced writers and content templates
  • List of scheduled keywords/articles
Seller Interview Video A Useful Insight Into the Business


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Analytical Data

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  • Google algorithmic changes could cause traffic to fluctuate.
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Work & Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 10 hours per week:

  • Managing outsourced writers and VAs
  • Reviewing articles before publishing to the site
  • Keyword research
  • Creating content briefs for outsourced writers
Social Media Channels

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Seller Support Includes

The Seller is willing to provide 60 days of email support and Skype calls as needed to ease the transition of the business to the Buyer.

Reason for Sale

The Seller would like to focus on other business opportunities.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 10 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: WordPress

Buyer Profiles

Lifestyle Larry
Excellent for those looking to live a lifestyle of ones choice.

Strategic Sally
Favorable for supporting an already existing business in a similar niche.

Portfolio Paul
Great for someone looking to diversify their portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by the Seller

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