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  • #45114 Listing Number
  • $167,184 Listing Price
  • $48,033 Monthly Revenue
  • $5,573 Monthly Net Profit
  • 12 Months Pricing Period
  • 30x Multiple
Listing Summary

This listing is for a dropshipping business created in March 2015 in the beauty niche. The Shopify site features products relating to salons and massage businesses. The business has 18 suppliers all located throughout the US, some with exclusive relationships. This business has strong earnings, proven processes in place, diversified traffic, and requires minimal hours from the Seller.

A full-time VA works with the business. She takes care of all the daily operations including customer service, lead nurturing, negotiation, closing sales, processing orders, and dealing with any issues that come up. The Seller has created extensive documentation of all aspects of the business, including many hours of video training SOPs which cover product selection, customer service, sales, order management, and using the streamlined customer & order management systems.

Over half of the traffic is from paid search. Another quarter is organic from Google. The Seller has focused on Google Ads (mostly shopping), remarketing, some text, and Facebook for dynamic-remarketing-product-listing ads. There is an email list of over 2K subscribers that is not currently being monetized. The Seller has sent some informational emails which link to the blog. These had good engagement from customers. Many people reply to the automated abandoned cart emails and this is often the first point of contact.

A big part of the growth in the fall of 2018 was thanks to optimizing a product line that was already in place. A supplier informed the Seller they should be selling more of a certain brand, so the Seller put some effort into optimizing the product pages, the offers, and the advertising. Now this brand is the current top seller. With over 2000 products across the site, there are many opportunities for the Buyer to replicate this improvement.

*It's worth noting that some costs of sales are carried over to the next month. So for example, the costs were much higher in October because of the record-setting month in September. In October the business also dealt with a few setbacks due to some restructuring from a top supplier.

*Sales for this business are strongest in the Summer and the Fall.

Business Created

March, 2015 - (5 years 6 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Primary domain & all site content/files
  • Shopify account
  • Email list
  • Social media accounts
  • Several subscriptions for business tools
  • SOPs & video training
Seller Interview Video A Useful Insight Into the Business


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Analytical Data

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  • Detailed proof of earnings and traffic
  • Access to seller for questions and follow-ups
  • Expanding the sales funnel. The Seller feels that no one in their industry is reaching people at the top or the middle of the funnel. Most people are only selling to those ready to buy.
  • Creating more content. The Seller believes there is not much information online that explains the basics of the main products. They have started this process with positive responses.
  • Optimizing products. A big part of the growth in the last few months has been simply by optimizing a product line that the business already had. A supplier told the Seller they should be selling more of a certain brand, so the Seller put some effort into optimizing the product pages, the offers, and the advertising. Now that brand is the current top seller.
  • Focusing on the high-end market, which would provide the opportunity for much bigger sales.
  • Continuing to establish relationships with important suppliers.

No data to show

Work & Skills Required

The Seller currently spends around 5 hours per week:

  • The Seller currently spends around 5 hours per week:
  • Checking in with the VA and answering any questions she has, which isn't many.
  • Approving negotiated prices for large orders.
  • Paying invoices to suppliers who don't use the credit card. This task could be outsourced.
  • Managing the advertising accounts.
  • Checking in with suppliers every month or two to maintain the relationship.
  • Check bookkeeping each month. The VA enters all order information into a profit tracker and a bookkeeper tracks expenses.
  • Coordinate any updates to products. This is not a regular task, and could be easily outsourced.
Social Media Channels

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Seller Support Includes

The Seller is willing to provide 30 days of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition.

Reason for Sale

The Seller feels they have taken the business as far as they can with their current skills. The business is ready for someone else to take it to the next level. The Seller is ready to do something else. The Seller has a passion for business and ecommerce, and would like to sell products that align more with their personal interests.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 5 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: Shopify

Buyer Profiles

Lifestyle Larry
Excellent for those looking to live a lifestyle of ones choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by the Seller

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