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Niche: Package: General, Other

Monetization: Amazon FBM, Amazon FBA, Other

Amazon FBM
  • Monthly Revenue: $324,109
  • Monthly Net Profit: $19,091
  • List Price: $553,642
  • Multiple: 29x


This listing is for an Amazon FBA and FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) business created in December 2016 in the general niche. The included Amazon Seller Central account includes 1500 SKUs operating on the arbitrage model. The business purchases products at wholesale prices and sells them at retail prices on Amazon. There is a team in place that is happy to continue with the new owner. This business is a top 1000 Amazon FBA seller, has over 6000 reviews (99% positive), and is showing strong month-on-month and year-on-year growth.

The business is approved to sell in a number of Amazon gated categories including Grocery and Health & Beauty. In addition, the business is approved and selling in the Amazon Small & Light Program which offers reduced Amazon fulfillment fees for inexpensive and lightweight items. The business is also approved to sell a limited number of items designated as Hazmat through Amazon FBA.

The business has numerous supplier relationships, some of which are especially valuable since the suppliers are no longer taking on new online retailers. The business has worked with many suppliers for over two years. These long-term ties offer many options, including a vast list of available SKUs for purchase. These connections would pass to the Buyer. The business has developed a methodology for determining which SKUs will provide the best ROI and this will also be provided to the Buyer.

The current process for the business involves purchasing inventory stock and having it delivered to a leased warehouse. At the warehouse, the team takes care of preparing for shipment to Amazon, which typically takes 1-2 days. Following this method, 90-95% of inventory is held by Amazon FBA warehouses. The remaining 5-10% is stored at the business’s warehouse and fulfilled directly. The Seller does not believe that the Buyer needs to be on site. The Seller does not work out of their warehouse. They have a good manager that runs everything. Moving operations to another location is an option as well, as training employees is not difficult, and depending on location, shipping costs could be reduced.

The business has 9 employees, all located in the US and working at the business’s warehouse. They are responsible for receiving shipments, counting and inspecting inventory, stickering products for FBA fulfillment, and creating shipments to Amazon. Employees also handle merchant fulfilled orders, customer service inquiries, and assist in approving new products for purchase. All employee tasks can easily be trained.

The business has additional Amazon Accounts set up in CA, MX and UK Markets. The business currently only sells on Amazon US, so expanding to international markets is an opportunity for the buyer to pursue. The business also has set up accounts with Walmart and eBay as well as a branded Shopify store, although 99% of the sales are from Amazon. Focusing on these other sales channels is an option for the new owner.


Start Date

1st of December, 2015


Assets Included in the Sale

  • Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Amazon Seller Central account

  • Additional Amazon accounts in Canada, Mexico, and UK markets

  • Ebay & Walmart accounts

  • Shopify store and branded domain

  • Vendor relationships

  • *Inventory is not normally included in the list price, further details can be provided to active depositors.


Work/Skills Required/Day to Day

  • The Seller currently spends around 20 hours per week vetting new products and doing weekly purchasing.


Graph Summary:

Ave pageviews/month


Net Profit/month


Gross Revenue/month



Proof of Income

  • November: $15,324
  • October: $17,391
  • September: $18,204

Proof of Traffic

  • November: 1,325,307 views
  • October: 1,523,275 views
  • September: 1,330,367 views

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Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities for this business include:

  • Continuing to expand the product line, especially with an effort to focus on products that can be sold exclusively.
  • Selling on Amazon’s other marketplaces like Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, Japan, etc.
  • Expand into untapped marketplaces, including eBay and Walmart.
  • Focusing efforts and advertising towards the branded site to build a direct channel.

Seller Support Includes

The Seller is flexible and willing to provide 2 months of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition. This is double the standard support offered because the Seller wants the new owner to succeed.


Reason for Sale

The Seller would like to focus on their other ventures.


Empire Certified

All listings in the Empire Marketplace are thoroughly vetted by our team. We evaluate all opportunities and risks to ensure only quality businesses are listed in our marketplace.


How to Purchase

We are accepting Bank Wire and Bitcoin for this purchase. As soon as the refundable deposit is made, we will send you the relevant information to complete the payment.

After the refundable deposit is made we will send you the URL and additional traffic and earnings proof. During your due diligence process, you will have access to the Seller to ask questions.

Please note that someone else may purchase while you are still evaluating the business. The business is considered sold when the money from an accepted offer has been wired into Empire Flippers for purchase.

After the site is migrated and the Buyer has confirmed ownership, traffic, and earnings, the funds will be released to the Seller. All sales are final and there are no refunds. Earnings and traffic may decline due to Google updates, increased competition, mismanagement by the Buyer, and other factors. Empire Flippers makes no guarantees written or implied of the future performance of the site.

Listing Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $324,109

Average Monthly Expenses: $305,018

Average Monthly Profit: $19,091

* We are using the last 12 months to determine the averages.

Work Required Per Week:
20 Hours
Domain Types: com, to Private Blog Network (PBN): No Platform: Other Buyer Personas: DIY David, Strategic Sally, Flipper Fred

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