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Niche: Pet Care

Monetization: Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates
  • Monthly Revenue: $16,193
  • Monthly Net Profit: $16,037
  • List Price: $416,972
  • Multiple: 26x

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This listing is for an Amazon Associates business created in March 2016 in the pet niche. The WordPress site features articles reviewing a variety of products for dogs. Affiliate revenue comes from Amazon US, UK, and CA. There is a nice spread of traffic between pages and more than 60% of traffic is mobile. The business has been growing quickly over the last few months and requires minimal work of the Seller.

While the Seller has written some content, 95% of the content was outsourced to a writer based in the US. The Seller also created a custom script to quickly redirect users to the right Amazon shop for their country. This also makes creating and migrating links and tags very easy. This script will be included in the sale.

Almost all traffic to the site is from Google. Pinterest contributes 1% of the traffic with 67K+ monthly viewers and over 6K followers. This channel has not been monetized and is an opportunity for the Buyer to improve and continue to grow. As the site has focused on quality articles and has a relatively high conversion rate, another opportunity for the Buyer is to continue to build the business into a brand, and potentially produce private label products.

*Over the course of the business, three different link building services have been used. The first is the Seller's own PBN of around 40 websites bought from auction and content added. These will be included in the sale. The second service was a link outreach agency and 7 links were placed in December 2017. From the third service, 16 links were purchased in February 2018. These links were from another agency that the Seller was familiar with.

*In June 2018, the business got a manual penalty from Google for using rich snippets. The Seller believed their set up was compliant with the webmaster guidelines, but after reviewing them in detail, the Seller understood their error. They immediately removed the WP plugin and sent a reconsideration request to Google on the same day. Within a few weeks, the reconsideration request was approved by Google and the manual penalty disappeared.

*We’ve decided to use a 6-month average of net profit for the valuation because we felt that a 12-month average did not accurately represent the current state of the business.


Start Date

1st of March, 2016

Assets Included

Assets Included in the Sale

  • Primary domain and all site content /files

  • Social Media accounts

  • PBN

work skills

Work/Skills Required/Day to Day

  • Daily: Checking the Amazon Associates stats to see if there are any irregularities (less than 10 minutes)

  • Checking the Amazon Associates stats to see if there are any irregularities (less than 10 minutes)

  • Weekly: Checking the rankings and traffic. (less than 1 hour)

  • Checking the rankings and traffic. (less than 1 hour)

  • Monthly: Responding to comments on the articles (less than 1 hour)

  • Responding to comments on the articles (less than 1 hour)

Graph Summary

Graph Summary:

Ave pageviews/month


Net Profit/month


Gross Revenue/month



Proof of Income

  • September: $8,913
  • August: $12,258
  • July: $24,108

Proof of Traffic

  • September: 45,271 views
  • August: 55,557 views
  • July: 110,498 views

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Graph Summary

Opportunities and Risks

Opportunities for this business include:

  • Capitalizing on the quick ranking by expanding into more sub-niches
  • Expanding to Clickbank products
  • Adsense monetization of blog articles
  • Build a shop around the brand
  • Putting more tables on pages. Not every page has a table and it could improve CTR.
Seller Support

Seller Support Includes

The Seller is willing to provide 30 days of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition.

Reason For Sale

Reason for Sale

Due to a full-time job, and now starting a new company with friends, the Seller has never had enough time to bring this website to the next level. The Seller also needs capital for the new startup.


Empire Certified

All listings in the Empire Marketplace are thoroughly vetted by our team. We evaluate all opportunities and risks to ensure only quality businesses are listed in our marketplace.

How to Purchase

How to Purchase

We are accepting Bank Wire and Bitcoin for this purchase. As soon as the refundable deposit is made, we will send you the relevant information to complete the payment.

After the refundable deposit is made we will send you the URL and additional traffic and earnings proof. During your due diligence process, you will have access to the Seller to ask questions.

Please note that someone else may purchase while you are still evaluating the business. The business is considered sold when the money from an accepted offer has been wired into Empire Flippers for purchase.

After the site is migrated and the Buyer has confirmed ownership, traffic, and earnings, the funds will be released to the Seller. All sales are final and there are no refunds. Earnings and traffic may decline due to Google updates, increased competition, mismanagement by the Buyer, and other factors. Empire Flippers makes no guarantees written or implied of the future performance of the site.

Listing Highlights

Average Monthly Revenue: $16,193

Average Monthly Expenses: $155

Average Monthly Profit: $16,037

* We are using the last 8 months to determine the averages.

Work Required Per Week:
2 Hours
Domain Type: com Private Blog Network (PBN): Yes Platform: WordPress Buyer Personas: Portfolio Paul, Lifestyle Larry, Strategic Sally

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5% Refundable Deposit

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