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Health & Fitness

For Sale

Health & Fitness

AffiliateAmazon AssociatesDisplay Advertising
Listing Price $35,255
Monthly Multiple 28x
Pricing Periods 6 Months
Brand Registry No
Avg. Monthly Profit $1,259
Avg. Monthly Revenue $1,270
Profit Margin %

Business Started

31st of May, 2015
(7 years 10 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

  • Primary domain and all site content /files
  • All social media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
Listing Details

This listing is for an affiliate & Amazon Associates business created in May 2015 in the health & fitness niche. The site features reviews for popular branded products on Amazon and Clickbank, such as workout gear, ebooks, diet programs, and supplements. The revenue is mainly Clickbank, and around 10% Amazon Associates, although recently, Amazon earnings have increased due to CRO. Continuing the business at the current level requires almost minimal to no work.

The monetization is currently only from SEO and direct (or referral) traffic, with very little list building and retention set up, so the site has potential for the right Buyer. The site refers traffic via the affiliate links to ebooks & digital products for Clickbank and physical products for Amazon. The customer reads the review or summary, and if he or she decides to purchase the product, it will be credited to the business's affiliate account (including upsells), and the business gets paid a % commission of the total sale.

From time to time, the Seller adds new products. The Seller will then do some research, see who else promoted the product and have the writer whip up some content. Over time, usually, the products start to rank and slowly climb to the top. For content, the Seller usually gets it made in batches and drips it out, but there’s no monthly schedule. The Seller has a writer who knows the site well and will work with the new Buyer if desired.

Regarding social, the business has Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Facebook is the only really active one, as it is used for the live chat feature with about 100 people currently on the Facebook messenger list.

*The site has Adsense and some other advertising networks which provide little income. If you would like to continue with Adsense you must currently have an approved Adsense account before purchasing this business to assure a successful migration of the business. For more information on setting up an Adsense account, click here.

*The site has some PBN links that were purchased a long time ago. These were private links through private connections and not a typical public service you see on the forums. There are around 10 total and they go to some of the review articles.

*The business uses 301 redirects internally to track their affiliate links.

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Seller Questions & Answers
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  • Creating own product
  • Better incorporating other traffic (not just SEO)
Work & Skills Required
  • Adding new products from time to time
  • Doing some research to see who else promoted the product
  • Having the writer whip up some content
  • The last weeks the Seller has worked on CRO, i.e. added review widgets to the review pages, which has helped CR, and linked some old content to the newer better performing products. This took some time, but it’s more of an adhoc thing done to try to boost conversions.
Seller Support Includes

The Seller is happy to provide 30 days of Skype and email support to ensure a smooth transition. The Seller will make sure the Buyer knows the main articles on the page, rankings, and help the Buyer get set up on the offers should the Buyer need that.

Reason for Sale

The Seller wants to fund a software venture.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 2 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): Yes

Domain Type: .com

Platform: WordPress

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