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For Sale


Listing Price $257,648
Monthly Multiple 35x
Pricing Periods 12 Months
Avg. Monthly Profit $7,361.00
Avg. Monthly Revenue $30,234.00
Profit Margin 24%

Business Started

1st of September, 2013
(10 years 2 months old)

Assets Included in the Sale

  • Domain and all content included with the sale.
  • Our list of jerky maker contacts and pricing we agreed to in the past. - Google Sheet
  • Our customer list - Google Sheet
  • Our standard operating procedure for finding jerky makers and negotiating prices - Google Doc
Listing Details is an ecommerce site created in September 2013 in the culinary niche. It leverages both a popular snack and a subscription based membership where it ships monthly “crates” of craft beef jerky to its subscribers. SumoJerky was originally created by Noah Kagan, creator of AppSumo & SumoMe, as an experiment and sold to one of his students.

That student was able to leverage this business and quit his full-time job, pursuing entrepreneurship full time.

The business curates little-known brands and flavors of beef jerky for their customer base, helping them discover entirely new twists to the snack. The membership ranges from people purchasing the membership for a few months, to some who have been ordering the jerky for over a year.

Currently, the majority of traffic to the listing is coming in from CrateJoy, a marketplace where product subscription boxes are sold. Some Reddit ads have been used successfully in the past as well, which is reflected in the increase in subscribers and the decrease in subscribers once the Reddit ads were shut off due to the seller becoming busy with other projects.

Originally, SumoJerky sustained itself through cold emailing businesses to set up office accounts where businesses would supply their employees specialized jerky snacks to their staff. The seller switched over to the individual consumer market, noticing the trend of beef jerky subscription box services on the rise and has seen an increase in subscribers without the risk of having to give out a large volume of product at heavy discounts to businesses.

In addition to the subscription box product, SumoJerky also has gifting packages. These packages do exceptionally well during Father’s Day and Christmas Day where people gift often several months of membership to their loved ones and friends.

The company utilizes email through MailChimp with an email list of 21,000 subscribers with 629 of those subscribers being active membership customers. The downward trend in revenue is currently attributed to zero marketing done in the last 9 months, with the seller doing little else other than maintaining the business as is.

The inventory is handled completely by a 3rd party fulfillment service that specializes in monthly product memberships. The customer service is also currently outsourced to a 3rd party. Because of this, the seller never touches or sees the inventory in person. The seller holds little inventory, primarily to send out to new subscribers before they get onto the normal monthly rotation with the rest of the subscribers.

In addition to the fulfillment center and customer service operations, the seller also has a freelancing VA that does outreach to find new jerky suppliers using a script he has perfected for her. The VA finds 3 new jerkies per month to source and ship them out to the paying subscribers.

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Seller Questions & Answers
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  • Creating an outreach process to connect with influencers on various social media platforms:
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Offer free samples in exchange for reviews & product placements. This has been proven to work. The seller did this work manually but can be easily outsourced once a process is laid out.
  • In addition to influencer targeting the new owner can reach out to other box subscription services and do solo ads to their email lists that are full of people who already love the subscription model.
  • The new owner can aggressively grow the affiliate program attached to the company. They can target people who own culinary blogs related to food or target websites that focus on paleo diets since the membership is paleo & slow carb friendly. Currently the affiliate program is done via the ShareaSale network.
  • Facebook advertising has worked with other subscription box companies and has yet to be implemented for SumoJerky. Since no campaigns have ever been ran to SumoJerky, this is a good opportunity for someone with strong facebook ad skills that can drive traffic to various landing pages on the site.
  • Along with Facebook ads, the new owner can reintroduce the Reddit ads that the seller was originally using to send traffic to the business.
  • The new owner can also use the email outreach method the seller used initially to get B2B clients ordering the snacks in bulk for their office breakroom. The seller originally focused on startups that were in midsize and sent out 15,000 emails manually. Thie process can be outsourced and the audience targeted can be expanded to include other types of businesses.
  • The website itself can be expanded to host a blog that shares testimonials, the different stories of various jerky companies, and other pieces of content that can be used to get people excited about subscribing to the service.
  • Another potential area of improvement is through multichannel selling such as through the Amazon marketplace. This process was started but never finished due to the seller's time constraints.
  • A referral program can be introduced where members can get free jerky, perhaps even on a permanent basis, if they refer a certain amount of friends that remain on the subscription.
  • The new owner can also focus on introducing various gifting packages for people that don't want a membership but would like to buy the jerky as a gift for family and friends.
  • Creating a retargeting campaign of the email subscriber base that is no longer a customer of the business. The new owner could divide this in several ways:
  • Email subscribers that were customers but no longer a customer
  • Email subscribers that were never a customer
  • Email subscribers that are customers to promote the idea of them referring their friends for a free month of jerky
  • The new owner can also use the current customer database to create lookalike audiences of people that are similar to their customers to target with top of funnel content and ads.
Work & Skills Required
  • I answer questions that come in from customer support and my 1 freelancing operations employee. Customer support is outsourced to 3rd party company called GetWrrk.
  • When a new customer signs up, I manually pick their first order of jerkies for them and place the order w/ our fulfillment center by adding the order details to a shared Google Sheet.
  • Once a month, I pick jerkies for all existing members around the 19th of the month and add those monthly orders to a Google sheet that the fulfillment center uses to fulfill orders. The fulfillment center sends out all orders and receives returns etc. I never touch the inventory or see it in person.
Seller Support Includes

Up to 30 days, phone & email support.

Reason for Sale

I don't have any desire to run it anymore. I've moved on to running my own weight loss coaching business.

Other Information

Work Required Per Week: 15 Hours

Private Blog Network (PBN): No

Domain Type: .com

Platform: Other

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