EFP 139: Entrepreneurship & The End Of Jobs

Justin Cooke

June 17, 2015

There’s something going on with this entrepreneurial movement we’ve got going on right now.

It’s easy to write-off or dismiss as hype – especially when you look at the mad dash for cash that goes on with the venture backed startups in Silicon Valley.

But once you dig a little deeper you start to see signs that the movement may have some teeth…and might be here to stay.

What Will the Entrepreneur Transition Mean?

This week we sit down with our buddy Taylor Pearson from TaylorPearson.me to discuss what this entrepreneurial movement might mean for both college students and other entrepreneurs looking to ride the wave. I’ve long been a fan of Taylor’s blog and was excited to jump on a call with him to hash through some of these exciting points – all of which he’s publishing a book about, “The End Of Jobs”. He’s giving away a free copy (plus a bunch of other books) and, having read half of it already, I’d highly recommend it as a great read.

Whether you’re a young entrepreneur trying to figure out your best career path or an old-hand looking to better understand the movement today, this is a great episode for you.

Check Out This Week’s Episode:

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Topics Discussed This Week:

  • Is Entrepreneurship More Valuable Than Ever?
  • Is Entrepreneurship More Accessible Than Ever?
  • How Can We Use This To Our Advantage?
  • Writing the book, “The End Of Jobs”


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“Someone with actual experience on the ground is a much more interesting hire.” – Justin – Tweet This!

“Figure out someone that knows what they’re doing and work for them.” – Taylor – Tweet This!

“What you’re doing with your life is a very emotional decision.” – Taylor – Tweet This!

So – what did you take away from this episode? What are your thoughts on where this entrepreneurial movement is going? Let us know in the comments!

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